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slacker. or not.

I’m slacking on the gym.

Okay, not really. I’m mostly going three times a week, but last week I missed a day and this week I might only make it once. I went on Monday, and was going to go again today but I got held up at work for an hour dealing with a stupid glitch in the system.

We’re trying to get set up for our final plumbing inspection on the house–which we’re hoping to do on Friday so we can get the final electrical on Monday and final overall on Tuesday to be done with it all–so Firefly asked me to come straight home tomorrow when I’m done at work. I can’t go Friday because we’re heading to her hometown for an overnight visit, so we’ll be heading out as soon as I get home from work. We debated on going because we’ll be up the following weekend for the shower there, but her best friend’s 40th birthday is tomorrow so her husband is taking her out on the town so we decided it was worth it. We’ll just be going up for the night, but my gym is closed on Sundays. At least I did my legs, so I can do my abs at home one of these nights.

I can’t feel too bad about it. I’m missing because we’re being productive, and really we’re being productive even when I’m going. We’ve gotten all the blinds up in the nursery, had work done in the basement for some dampness issues, added an air vent in some plumbing, and a bunch of other little things. Also, she did point out to me that I’ll get lots of exercise climbing up on the roof and in and out of the crawl space and shimmying to do what I need to tomorrow, none of which she can do. Oh, plus I need to mow.

Yeah, I changed my mind. I’m doing alright.

I can’t believe the shower is the weekend after this. Wasn’t it just, like, months to go? Oh my goodness everything is moving so fast!



Our consult with the high-risk OB was today. We got to see the monkey again and confirmed yet again that he is in fact a he. We didn’t get as good of pictures this time, though. For one he’s taking up a lot more space, and for two someone decided he wanted to be like his mommy and hide his face behind his hands–and feet!–when the tech tried to take one. He just wasn’t cooperating, even with some gentle nudging. They said he’s around 4lbs 1oz now, which is where he should be, and his heart rate was good. We also were told by the OB that Firefly’s regular OB is one of her favorite doctors, which is always nice to hear.

Oh! And I forgot! He has lots of hair. You can see it on the pictures, it’s funny.

We were pretty much told what we thought we would be as far as Firefly goes: watch for symptoms but don’t stress about it at all; after delivery she’ll be on a preventative dose of blood thinners by injection once a day for 6 weeks, but it won’t cause any restrictions or prevent breastfeeding, which is good. I’m feeling better about the whole thing overall, and Firefly is being her usual relaxed self and keeping me calm. Hey, someone’s got to do it.

On another note, I’m wondering why my SaraProject photo from today is showing out-of-order in the sidebar even though I’ve been specifying what order I want them in. Oh well.

i like to sing.

Tonight was Firefly’s free evening without me. I went to the gym after work, then headed off to meet my mom and Bean for dinner before chorus.

Have you ever gotten really sweaty at the gym, then taken a shower there because you weren’t going to be able to go home before whatever it is you’re doing, only to realize after that you forgot to put an extra bra and pair of socks in the bag? Ugh. I’m glad I had baby powder in the bag, but it was still totally gross. At least I had a clean pair of panties, so no commando for me.

Anyway, tonight was a reminder of why I really liked being in the chorus, and also some things that annoyed me. Overall it was fun, and we worked on a song that we did back when I was involved before and loved so that was nice. It used to be one woman who directed the chorus, and now it’s two who share the job. I really like them, they’re funny and work well together. They’re very different from the director before, but I think it’s a good change.

I did get home early enough to say hi and help her pack her lunch before she headed off. Now I’ve got a couple of things I need to do before I head to bed. Tomorrow we have the appointment with the high-risk OB.

it’s been a lazy sunday.

Firefly and I took it easy today. We slept way in–well, we stayed in bed really late, since we both woke a little after 9 and decided to stay in until almost noon. By the time we finally rolled out of bed we had decided to go out for breakfast (or lunch, I suppose), so we hopped in the car and off we went.

We had a yummy meal and then ran a couple of errands. After we got home we put a chair together for our entertainment area, then pretty much spent the rest of the day lounging around. We were a little productive, I clipped coupons and she filed them while we listened to the hockey game online, and then we watched a show we had recorded last week but hadn’t watched yet.

She said she’s starting to feel like a turtle, finding it harder and taking much more effort to roll over off of her back in bed. She’s also having an issue with carpal tunnel in one of her wrists that’s really bothering her. It’s normal, but I wish it would ease for her. She’s also having trouble with swelling in her legs, but so far it’s not too bad and she’s found ways to deal with it. It’ll be gone soon enough, and we’ll have a little monkey to show for it!

Oh, and I won the Dr.Mario battle. You know, in case anyone was wondering.

i know my limits

Today Firefly is 33 weeks. We are 7 weeks from the due date. I can’t believe it! We spent the day in a childbirth class, going over everything from how to know when she’s really in labor, when to go to the hospital, and when to call the doctor, to watching birth videos and a c-section, to practicing breathing and coping techniques (which Firefly was not excited about, let me tell you).

I was fine with all the other birth videos and babies crowning and cords being cut and all of that, but I couldn’t even watch the c-section video. I would not do well in the health profession. This is one of them. Hell, I can’t even watch the fake autopsies on crime shows; I cover my eyes and Firefly tells me when they’re over. Note to self: make sure if Firefly does have a c-section (which we will try to avoid at all costs, especially now with her clotting factor diagnosed), that the doctor and any other staff involved know that although I DO still want to be there, I do NOT want to see my wife’s uterus in person and just want to sit in safely behind the blue drape. And if the doctor says “hey, look at this” like he did to an unsuspecting person I know, I should not under any circumstances say “what?” and poke my head around because he’s probably going to try to show it to me, and I really don’t need to be passing out in the middle of that–nor does Firefly need me to do that.

We headed out to get some dinner after, and then met up with Bennder and girlfriend-who-does-not-have-a-nickname-yet to see a special screening of a movie I am not going to name, but is set to be released in about a week. Suffice it to say it had lots of cute women on roller skates and we all really enjoyed it. Plus we got free t-shirts. Bonus!

Also, for anyone following I posted a new photo in TheSaraProject yesterday.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s about to be a Dr.Mario battle in my living room. Later!

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lots happening

Ok, you talked me into it. I’m posting the picture of Bean, but it’s password protected. It’s different than any of the others, so you’ll need to contact me to see it.

We had an eventful day today. We had people in working on the basement, so I took the whole day off. The first jackhammer they tried to use wasn’t powerful enough to get through our tough floor, and the second one they tried broke. They had to go out and get this huge air compressor one that was a big truck and sat in front of our house. Man that thing was loud! But it worked, finally. They’ll be back tomorrow, and I hope the delay doesn’t mean it won’t be finished this week.

Firefly took tonight off so she could be here tomorrow and awake while they work, and with all the racket today she wouldn’t have been able to really sleep. She did get to rest a little, especially earlier while they were having issues, but not enough to have worked. Then Badger came over while we went to the OB appointment since we didn’t want to leave them alone in the house.

The appointment went well. Firefly is still measuring where she should be, and the doc said the monkey’s heartbeat sounded great. She also informed us that Firefly is heterogeneous for Factor V Leiden–and although normally we’re both quite content to be homos, in this case we’re happy she’s hetero. It means her risk of getting a blood clot is only 4-8 times greater than someone who is completely negative, rather than 80 times more likely. We suspected that was the case with the appointment to see the high-risk OB being almost two weeks after the initial diagnosis, but it was good to hear. She said she doesn’t think it’s likely that Firefly will have to go on blood thinners, although that might happen for a few months after delivery to make sure she doesn’t develop a clot related to that, but she wants to wait and see what the other OB has to say next Tuesday.

Oh, and she also said that we’ll likely have another ultrasound and be able to see our little monkey again, because, well, “it’s what they do.” She said she’d be surprised if they didn’t. After that we have two more biweekly appointments with her and then we go to once a week.

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