what i’ve been up to.

I’ve had a rough week at work with lots of system errors and the like, but everything was finally fixed today–and not a moment too soon. It was the last day to finish all the stuff I needed to process, and today went much more smoothly. I was able to get everything done, and in good time. Tomorrow I’ll be able to leave a couple of hours early to make up for the time I had to stay over this week–which is good, because I’m not feeling that great, and because it’ll give me a head start on the holiday weekend.

Last night was the tournament for Firefly’s summer dart league. She shifted the night off since she’s working all this weekend, and I went along with. They didn’t do so well, but we had a good time sitting around on the patio chatting with friends after they were out of it and I enjoyed having her home last night.

When we got home we moved the furniture in our bedroom back near where it will be when we finish the second coat of paint and rearrange things. It was one thing for us to have to try to crawl over things when it was just one of us home in bed at a time, but we just didn’t want to even try with both of us there. It’s going to be a bit different, but I think I’m going to like it.

I came home today and spent some time with Firefly before we headed off to Spider’s house for her housewarming. I haven’t seen her in ages, so it was good to hang out for a bit even though we couldn’t stay late. We also got to hang out with some other friends and see a couple of babies, one of whom we’ve met before and the other we were meeting for the first time. So adorable, both of them!

Now I’m ready for a shower and bed.


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