busy and productive!

Firefly and I had a very productive weekend. On Friday we got the nursery primed and ready for paint…and then I think we did something else (besides hanging out on the couch), but if we did it’s escaping me at the moment. Oh wait! No, nevermind, that was yesterday.

Yesterday we got up early and met Bean to get some furniture for a sitting area of sorts. We’ve been waiting for a sale on it, and it finally went on clearance this week. We got a good deal and spent way less than we were expecting. After we got home Bennder came over and helped us paint the nursery, which was awesome. Girlfriend-who-does-not-have-a-nickname-yet came by briefly and got to see it in all its golry.

Firefly’s best friend was in town that day, too, so she came by after we had finished the first coat. We hung out with her for a bit before she headed back home, and then we got going on the second coat. It went up pretty smoothly, and when we were done we got a shower and headed over to Dee and Pia’s house. They asked us if we’d be in their wedding parties when they get married next year (Firefly in Dee’s and me in Pia’s), and of course we said yes. Then we played some weird game that was actually really fun even though we really didn’t have any idea about some of the rules and the directions seemed to have gone missing, and then we pooped out and headed home.

This morning we slept in and snuggled before going out for a nice breakfast. Then we got started putting this together:


And then we moved this into the room:


So now we have this:


Oh my goodness, it’s a nursery! Or a good start to one. Obviously we still need a mattress and bedding and decorations to hang, and also I need to put up the new blinds now that we finally took down those ugly pink accordion cloth ones that have been up since before we were here, but hey…it’s something!

There’s going to be a baby in this house in just eight short weeks!


3 Responses to “busy and productive!”

  1. 2 Sam September 21, 2009 at 10:52 am

    great start. Isn’t so great to have the crib up! Almost there!

  2. 3 emily September 23, 2009 at 9:42 am

    eee! Love the furniture!

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