i like to sing.

Tonight was Firefly’s free evening without me. I went to the gym after work, then headed off to meet my mom and Bean for dinner before chorus.

Have you ever gotten really sweaty at the gym, then taken a shower there because you weren’t going to be able to go home before whatever it is you’re doing, only to realize after that you forgot to put an extra bra and pair of socks in the bag? Ugh. I’m glad I had baby powder in the bag, but it was still totally gross. At least I had a clean pair of panties, so no commando for me.

Anyway, tonight was a reminder of why I really liked being in the chorus, and also some things that annoyed me. Overall it was fun, and we worked on a song that we did back when I was involved before and loved so that was nice. It used to be one woman who directed the chorus, and now it’s two who share the job. I really like them, they’re funny and work well together. They’re very different from the director before, but I think it’s a good change.

I did get home early enough to say hi and help her pack her lunch before she headed off. Now I’ve got a couple of things I need to do before I head to bed. Tomorrow we have the appointment with the high-risk OB.


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