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We got my office cleaned up and a lot of cleaning up and organizing done in the nursery, even after sleeping in very late and me sleeping for about an hour in the early evening. My sinuses are not happy right now. Hopefully they’ll be better tomorrow. Now I’m going to cuddle with my wife and watch some TV. And probably doze off until she wakes me and tells me it’s time to go to bed.


(almost) ready.

Man, it’s been windy over here in our neck of the woods. I can’t complain much, though, because it was nearly 80 degrees–and might even have broken into those 80s–at the end of October. The weird weather is wreaking havoc on my sinuses, but it was lovely to be out and about. I had to run downtown to drop off some papers, and I took advantage of the lovely weather, cruising around with the windows all the way down.

Firefly made the most of the afternoon and actually managed to get into one of the vax clinics in our area. They’ve been insane here, with people waiting for hours in line to be turned away. I’m still not able to get one because I’m not in the right group yet, and neither of us have been able to get the seasonal because everywhere is sold out.

We made another run to the baby store this evening, this time returning the things we got that were duplicates or not things we registered for and did not want, that sort of thing. We got a few more things, as well, and we think we’re pretty much ready now as far as supplies go. Tomorrow we’re planning to finish things up in my office and make it comfortable for Firefly’s parents to stay in, and then work on getting things really together in the monkey’s room.

And the car seat is safely and securely installed in my vehicle. Hooray!

oh oh yeah.

And I forgot to mention in my other post some not so good news. My sister’s been sick. I called her yesterday and told her she should go to the doctor, and what do you know she actually listened. She went in. And they immediately called the squad to come and take her to the hospital.

She’s got that piggy thing. I tried to call her to see how she is but I’m guessing she was sleeping. We haven’t had any direct contact with her so it’s not likely we’ve been exposed, but it’s still a little scary. I hope she feels better soon.

oh oh oh!

Guess what we did today?

Well, besides the weekly OB appointment, which went well.

Actually, let’s just cover that first. Firefly is still not dilated, although she is starting to thin. She’s going to work through next week, largely because she talked to her supervisor and was told that they didn’t care if she sat on her ass all week in the office and did nothing. They take care of theirs. She did take tonight off so she could have a 4 day work week, and she’ll be working 4 days next week since the doctor will write her off as of Thursday’s appointment. That is, of course, assuming the monkey doesn’t decide to come sometime in between although that doesn’t seem likely.

After the appointment we went shopping! So we have a car seat! Right now! In our dining room! And tomorrow it will be in my car!

And we got a cute little guitar onsie.

And some nursing pads, just in case. But that’s not fun.

We have a car seat!

Protected: belly.

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hey, guess what?

Firefly actually agreed to let me post a belly picture, as long as it was in a password protected post. So I’m gonna! If you want to see it you’ll need to contact me directly, either through the contact link up there in the menu bar or by email if you know it.

In the meantime, here’s another picture from our trip last weekend:


Red-tailed hawk. So beautiful. She has a permanently injured wing, so she lives at a nature center.

ok, seriously.

We have so much to do! I’m going to skip darts tomorrow night and instead stay home and finish staining the last of the wood for the trim in our bedroom, that way I can get it done without her in the house when I’m filling it with fumes (part of why I’ve been putting it off). I also have a ton of stuff to do in my office, especially since the futon is in here now so if her parents stay with us at all when the monkey arrives they’ll have a nice clean place–preferably with blinds–in which to sleep. I don’t even want to think about the mess the house is and all the other things that need to be done around here.

AND, oh my goodness I still need to pack the hospital bag. We’re less than three weeks away! She’s full term! What am I thinking?!

And plus also too we still have no car seat. I have visions of us heading to the hospital and having to send my mom out to get one so we can take him home. Gah!

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