some things done, some things not.

So Firefly kinda…well, she forgot to call to schedule the inspection for tomorrow. So we’ll schedule for Monday and in the meantime we had a chance to get everything we needed together and test the system–and it worked! So regardless we should be good to go on Monday.

I definitely got my exercise, too. That crawl space is not easy to get into, let me tell you, and I had to get on the roof twice–once to cap the vent to test it and then again to take the cap off. If we were having the inspection tomorrow I probably would have left it on, but since it’s not until Monday we didn’t want to leave it that long.

It was beautiful outside and I would have liked to mow the yard, but after we were done with the other stuff (and my cramps were really starting to kick in) we decided to take it easy. I was hoping to do it quickly after work tomorrow before we go to her hometown, but it started raining again this evening and it’s supposed to last through tomorrow so I don’t think it’ll happen. Too bad, since it really needs it. I’ll try to do it on Saturday when we get home.

Now I need to go get some laundry put away and get clothes together. Firefly is planning to get everything packed up tomorrow so we can leave as soon as I get home, and it would help if I had my stuff ready.


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