we’re done!

We had the final inspection today and passed! So now as far as the city is concerned we’re done with the bathrooms! Okay, so we still need to do some little things like putting up the shower curtain rod and the towel bars, and painting the inside of the shower doorway, and some trim around the shelf in the guest bath…but we’re pretty much done. Hooray!

Poor Firefly, though, had to stay up to wait for the inspector until after noon, then only got to sleep for about an hour and a half until I came home to pick her up, and off we went to the OB.

The monkey’s heartbeat still sounds good and he’s moving a lot, although Firefly’s belly is measuring a little small. The OB isn’t worried about it, though, especially since we were just at the high-risk OB last week and got to see him and he was measuring just fine. He still had his head up last week, and we’re thinking he’s actually moved sideways at this point going by where she’s feeling movements and where we can feel him, so that’s probably why the measurement is a little under. We go back in two weeks so we’ll see if everything is back on track, and after that we’ll be going weekly until he arrives.

We went and got haircuts after the appointment, then headed to the grocery for what was supposed to be a quick trip and ended up…well, not. We came home, put the groceries away, I put in some laundry, Firefly called off of work, and we’ve been chilling out watching hockey. It’s been a good evening.


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