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the end. but not really.

Well, it’s November 30th and that means I made it thorough to the end of NaBloPoMo, amazingly enough. Not bad considering everything we had going on!

We had a very eventful day today. My brother’s two girls were here with us all day. We had a great time with them, playing school and doing some crafts and games. We had grilled cheese and noodle soup for lunch, and this afternoon I went on a walk with the younger one while the older sat with Firefly and the baby and read.

Of course, after they left we were so pooped we had to go take a nice nap! Luckily Monkey cooperated with us. He’s been pretty good about that so far.

He’s started making little noises that are more like actual sounds and less like desperate cries, and loves to lay on our bellies and push his head up (he’s been lifting it since the day he was born). Earlier today he nearly launched himself over Firefly’s arm with his little legs! He also strikes these incredibly cute poses. It’s also been incredible watching Firefly interact with him. I knew she’d be a great mommy, but wow.

I’m just more and more in love with him, and with Firefly, every day.


bath time!

tired. so tired.

Monkey has had an eventful day. We had Thanksgiving with my family today (we spent the actual Thanksgiving day at home alone, other than a brief visit from Bennder late in the evening). It was a big crowd, with both of my brothers, one of my sisters-in-law, 6 of my 8 nieces and nephews, my parents, Bean, an old friend of hers, and of course the three of us. Everyone was so excited to meet Monkey and he got lots of cuddles. It was a really nice time and I love getting together with everyone, especially since we only really get to do it at the holidays, but it was the most excitement he’s had and we’re all three worn out.

Monkey also lost his cord today, so tomorrow we’ll be able to give him his first real bath!

And that’s my update for today. Goodnight!


my two loves.

last day.

We took advantage of having Firefly’s mom here one last time this morning, leaving Monkey in her care for about an hour while the two of us went to the baby store and got a few things we were needing. It was weird to leave him, but I think she enjoyed having some time alone with him, and it was nice for us to be able to go without really having to worry about anything.

We’re on our own now for the first time since Monkey was born. Firefly’s mom left early this afternoon to go home and get ready for guests and Thanksgiving. Bean came over for a few hours this afternoon, but other than that it’s just been the three of us. It’s been going well for the most part, although he’s been fussing for a little bit. Actually, I’d better go now and see if there’s anything I can do to help out. Until next time!

ok, here’s a real update.

Yesterday’s expected 10am departure from the hospital ended up being a 3:30pm discharge, although through no fault of our own. I must admit that I found my hands trembling a bit as I dressed him to leave, and I had a slight moment of panic on our way to the exit, but by the time I got out on the road I was feeling pretty okay about everything.

By the time we finally made it home Firefly’s mom and Bennder were here with food in the oven and a hand with getting everything inside. Her mom is staying with us through tomorrow afternoon to help us get settled, which has been so nice and such a help, and Bennder has been here for a bit both days. GOB was here for a bit yesterday as well, but Bean has been sick so she’s only actually seen him once so far and wasn’t able to hold him. She’s feeling a lot better and is planning to come by tomorrow morning, which will be nice.

In the evening some friends of ours stopped by to bring us a sausage and egg casserole for breakfast and meet the monkey–although we haven’t made the casserole yet, that will probably happen either tomorrow or Thursday. My mom also stopped by to see him and drop off a gift for Monkey from one of my coworkers, but I was at the pharmacy picking up Firefly’s prescriptions so I didn’t actually get to see her. I don’t think it was me she really wanted anyway, though!

Last night went well, with Firefly pumping out enough before bed for two meals for Monkey, and she was able to sleep through most of the night with her mom and I taking watch. She’d been so exhausted and in a decent amount of pain from the c-section, and with everything going on and her hormones a bit out of whack at the moment she had a bit of a breakdown earlier in the evening, so we just wanted to give her a good night of rest at home in our own bed. I woke up around 3am and after trying to go back to sleep for a bit I gave up and went to peek in on him. I found Firefly’s mom in the recliner and he was just stirring, so I started warming up one of the bottles while her mom changed him. I took over and fed him and she went off to bed.

He settled well and I decided to rest in the chair in there just in case, getting up once around 4 to take Firefly some more pain pills to try and keep up on it before it woke her, especially since she had a pretty rough time of it earlier when the meds wore off and it took a while to get it back under control. He woke again around 6 this morning, so I changed him and warmed up the other bottle, fed him and snuggled for a while, then put him back in the crib and fell asleep in the recliner. He fed just fine today and had no problems latching, and we’ve got another two bottles from today if needed for tonight.

Monkey also had his first visit to the pediatrician today. Everything is going very well and he’s gained back some of the weight he lost. The doctor isn’t at all worried and said that everything looks great, so we have his one-month follow-up appointment scheduled for the end of December. The drive was miserable for Firefly, though, with every bump in the road exacerbating the pain from the c-section. I took a different road home to no avail.

I think that’s about everything, if you stuck with my sleep-deprived rambling there. Hopefully it made at least some sense.

We’re not totally sure if we’ll leave him in the nursery tomorrow night or if we’ll have him in the pack and play in our room just in case. Something tells me we’ll bring him in with us.

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