lovely day.

The weather was beautiful today, and Firefly and I made the most of it. Well, after sleeping in. Hey, we’re not going to get to do much of that very soon here, so I don’t feel too guilty about it.

We went outside and cleaned things up in the carport, and then I went around and did some work in the yard while Firefly started cleaning her motorcycle up for the winter. It was only ridden once this year, for obvious reasons, but still needs the chrome and everything cleaned up before the cover goes on for the winter. I picked some things up and cut down saplings that had grown up where they shouldn’t have (and they probably should have been cut down months ago but we’ve been a little preoccupied). Firefly was starting to get stiff and having trouble bending over, so we switched up. She got the last of what I had cleaned up cut to length and in the cans to be picked up while I polished the chrome on the bike’s front wheel. It still needs some work, but the sun was starting to get lower and we were getting tired so we left it for now.

We spent the rest of the evening having dinner and relaxing together, and even managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done and put away. Oh, and yesterday I got the blinds put up in my office while Firefly napped, and we went to a hockey game. Hooray!

I think I might actually get into bed before midnight tonight. I don’t know when the last time that happened was!

Oh, and also for those following TheSaraProject, I realized I forgot to post Friday’s picture. Oops! It’s up now, and I’m up to 14.


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