an oops.

Today was pretty busy! Firefly went out to run an errand this morning and to put our cards in the mail, with the exception of a few I had to get addressed. When she came home we started making cookies–a replacement of the bad batch from Sunday that we didn’t get to yesterday. And then the lawyer called us. I had left a message yesterday because we hadn’t heard anything from her yet about our court appearance to finalize everything for the co-parenting stuff, and it’s a good thing I did because it’s tomorrow morning! Apparently her assistant sent the paperwork to the wrong address, one that Firefly hasn’t lived at since right after we started dating. So after calling my dad to see if he could watch Monkey tomorrow and finding that he was out of town at my brother’s house Firefly and I frantically tried to figure out who could possibly watch him on short notice on a weekday morning. We called my ex and now friend, who is married with a baby of her own and doesn’t work during the day (her husband works days and she works part-time in the evenings), and she, being the lovely person that she is, agreed right away. So that was a relief.

After that was settled we finished up the batch of cookies we were making and I hurried off to meet my mom. We went to get our piggy protection shots and then went to a basketball game together. My parents have front row center season tickets to a local university’s women’s team. It was lots of fun, and I enjoyed spending time with her. I’ve missed having lunch with her every day at work while I’ve been off, and I think she’s missed it too, so it was good to have some time just the two of us.

While we were off doing that, Bean came over and spent the evening hanging out with Firefly and Monkey. I don’t know what they did, but I think they had a pretty good time! 😀

Tomorrow’s going to be even busier!


1 Response to “an oops.”

  1. 1 wishinghopingpraying December 16, 2009 at 2:29 am

    Thank goodnees you called to check in! Good luck in court 🙂

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