a busy couple of days.

Our court appearance went very smoothly yesterday morning, even though we were running a little tighter than we wanted to getting there. We’re still figuring out how long it takes to get out of the house with Monkey. When we got to the courthouse the parking lot was full! Luckily we found a meter right next to the garage, so we pulled in and threw some quarters in, hoped it was enough time, and headed inside.

Once we got in and through all the checks and up to the right floor it was just about our appearance time, although we were in a block with a bunch of other cases so we were good. We checked in, met up with the lawyer, and then waited our turn. Once we were called it was very quick and easy. We went right up to the bench with the lawyer and she asked us each some questions, including asking Firefly if Monkey was in fact the cutest boy she’d ever seen, which of course she replied yes to–she was under oath, after all. We got a big congratulations from the judge, then went outside to wait for our official copies of paperwork. The lawyer told us that most of them actually really love cases like ours. Too often all they see are cases where families are coming apart, so it’s really nice for the judges to bring them together.

After we picked Monkey up we went to my work for a cookie exchange thing, and Monkey was much oohed and aahed over. We were a little worried about how the night would go because he slept most of the day, but everything went fine and I think he actually even went to sleep a bit earlier than he has been.

This morning we got up and went to the OB for Firefly’s four-week check-up, because it has been exactly four weeks since Monkey’s arrival, can you believe it? She said everything looks great, and Firefly has been cleared to resume normal activities, although she’s supposed to take things a bit slow.

We came home and worked on some things around the house, and I finished up some cookies and cut up the lemon bars we made. We also had some friends come over to meet Monkey. Then just closed on a new house not too long ago so they hadn’t been able to make it over until today. It was great to see them, and they had fun I think–although Monkey has been a bit fussy this evening.

After they left we had some dinner and then got started with gathering things for the trip to her parents’ house this weekend. I set out the clothes I was planning to wear tomorrow and then got started on some other things when Firefly came up to me and asked about them. She wanted to know if I had seen what she had picked out for tomorrow. Apparently we picked the exact same shirt, except that mine was red and hers orange. So now I need to figure out what I’m going to wear instead because we can’t have that. I also need to finish putting some laundry away, get everything into a bag to go, and try to get the boy to go to sleep. We’ll see how it goes!


1 Response to “a busy couple of days.”

  1. 1 mommie2be December 18, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    Congratulations!! Not that you need a court to say you are Monkey’s mom, but i’m glad it went smoothly nonetheless 🙂

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