i love home.

I went back to work yesterday. I’m only back part time until the beginning of February, and I’ll be gradually increasing my schedule as I go. Oh, my goodness it was so hard to leave home. I just wanted to crawl back into bed and cuddle with my wife and listen to our baby breathing.

I kept myself pretty busy even though very few people were around after being gone for a month and coming back during a processing week, which made it not so bad. Oh, and today my boss gave me some lovely picture frames for Christmas, which was very unexpected. Now I just need to figure out which cute pictures I’m going to print out and put in them! He also gave me a cheese and sausage box thing, which we will be sharing tomorrow evening with Bennder, GOB, and Bean when they come over.

We all headed home a little early today, and I was so happy to kiss my wife and snuggle with Monkey. I’m so glad I don’t have to leave tomorrow! Dee and Pia came over a little later with their son bearing gifts and dinner, and we had a nice evening hanging out with them.

Okay, some commercial just came on with a bunch of disposable containers and things pouring out of a cabinet, and Firefly is cracking up because that has sooooo happened to me.

Also, I am so behind on comments and other blogs it isn’t even funny. I’m trying to get caught up, but with everything going on it’s been a bit crazy around here. Bree, thanks for your comment on my post the other day, I really appreciate it–and Tori I’m going to email you, I promise!


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