yup. an update.

I’ve been a little emotional. Luckily I have an amazing wife and a beautiful son, and good family and friends.

We took off this weekend with Bennder to go to their parents’ house for the weekend. It was good to get away. Just a year or two ago this never would have happened. I’m glad that things have changed, and how much so.

We got home Sunday evening, and Monday we spent relaxing, taking down our tree, and rearranging our living room. It’s not too different, but will take a little getting used to. It does give us more play space on the floor, which we’ve already taken advantage of! Lots of room for us to both get down on the floor with Monkey.

Firefly had darts tonight. It was her first match after a two-week break for the holidays. I stayed home with Monkey and we had a grand old time. I only had to change him once. He decided he was going to be a spitting machine today, so Firefly had to change him three times while I was at work, so I guess I got off easy on that one.

Tomorrow, though, is what I’m looking forward to. We decided to buy ourselves a new bed. Not really bed as we’re keeping our frame/headboard/footboard/whatever as we really like them, but a new mattress. Our current one is really old and has been causing Firefly some pain in her back and hips, and it was to the point where everything, no matter where it was on the bed, rolled toward the center. The new one is being delivered tomorrow and they’re hauling away the old one. It’s a fancy-pants mattress, with a base that tilts lifts your feet and vibrates. Yeah. That will be so nice. I’ve never had a fancy-pants bed before. This one Firefly had before I came along, and my old one was given to me by my brother and his wife when they needed a bigger one.

And I’m off work on Friday, so I can sleep in on my fancy-pants new bed. As long as someone lets me, at least…


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