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dishwashing sucks.

Yesterday we went to start the dishwasher and…nothing. We could spin the little knob around and could hear the soap door thudding open, but no motor, no water…nothing. It was old and crappy so it wasn’t surprising, but it’s still a pain. We had to go out to run an errand anyway, so we stopped by an appliance place and found a new one after much looking around. With Monkey with us we weren’t able to pick it up until today, but we bought it nonetheless. It’s really nice, and last year’s model so we got it at a really good price. Who even knew there were last year’s models in dishwashers? Anyway, we got the old one out and the new one mostly in while Monkey napped this afternoon, but we still need to actually hook up the water and test everything.

Last night we had game night with some friends, and Bennder and GOB. I had a few drinks along with some other folks, and we ate lots of buffalo chicken dippy stuff and homemade salsa, and hummus and veggies, and played a game with the dictionary. It was lots of fun, and so cute seeing Monkey fall asleep on Bennder. She’s such a good auntie.

Tonight is Firefly’s first night back on third shift. She wasn’t able to get much of a nap today, so I’m hoping she’s not too exhausted by it. Monkey was falling asleep right before she left, though, so she got to kiss him goodnight which was nice. And really, as he’s been sleeping since, tonight hasn’t felt too much different from pre-Monkey other than some time putting away his laundry. And peeking in on him, of course. I know that isn’t going to always be the case–heck, it might not be the case for all of tonight–but I’m very glad to be having a non-stressful start to this whole on-my-own-at-night thing.

And now I need to go do some dishes and check on the diapers in the wash.



I got some stuff and took some pictures. I like taking pictures. I really like taking pictures of my son. I’d like to get better at taking pictures. A lot better. But that’s why we take them, right? To get better? Well, that and so we can print them off and hang them in our offices and look at our beautiful babies all day long when we’re away from them.

Speaking of which, I should really print a couple and take them in to work.

I was just playing around so the light isn’t great, and consequently neither are the shadows. I had to do some adjusting of the white balance. Not perfect, but that’s okay. I decided to do a quick conversion to black and white, too, just for fun:

Damn he’s cute. I almost can’t stand it. Of course somehow in the middle of taking these I changed my ISO to 1600. Not good. Really, really not good on my camera. It does not handle high ISOs well. Noisy, noisy pictures. Which is a shame, because Firefly’s favorite is in that bunch. You know what? I’ll show it to you anyway, noise and all. It is awfully cute:

Goodness! Don’t you just want to squeeze those chubby cheeks? I know I do!

But maybe that’s just the mama talking.

i’m not ready.

Well, my arm is still sore but seems to be recovering. We did have to squeeze some icky stuff out a few times, but the antibiotics definitely seem to be doing their job.

Firefly goes back to work tomorrow and neither of us is looking forward to it at all. My dad is another story, though. He’s very excited to take on his nanny job. I think it will be good once things get going, but I am a little nervous about this week. Firefly will be on first shift for one of her firefighter/EMT refresher courses, so my dad will be starting out right away with just him and Monkey in the house. I almost wish Firefly was going right back to third shift so that she could be around (even though she’d be sleeping) if anything came up this first week. I know some of it is just me being a bit sad in general about both of us being back to work full-time. I mean, it’s not like dad can’t call me to ask where the extra wipes are or whatever, but still. Then again, her being on first shift means I have her at home at night for one more week so I really shouldn’t complain.

Monkey has been in bed for a while and Firefly and I had a cup of tea. She’s finishing up with getting everything she needs together. I’m off to see if she needs any help!


I am in pain. Serious, serious pain. At 3:00 this morning I was awoken by a cat. A very freaked out cat. It was not pretty and I’m not sure exactly how everything transpired seeing as how I was asleep at the time and was in excruciating pain. This was the aftermath:

My right arm. And a little closer:

And my left arm:

Oh my goodness. I have never actually been bitten by an animal before, at least not that I recall, but it was agony. Agony, I say. I seriously felt like I was going to either vomit or pass out while Firefly was trying to clean it. In fact, I had to stop her and go sit on the floor at one point. There are a few small scratches on the inside of my left arm as well, but they’re nothing compared to these. I think, although my memory is fuzzy, that the kitty was freaking out and I attempted to hold him to calm him down–which freaked him out even more and was what led to the actual bite.

The crazy thing is that this was our normally calm, relaxed, anybody can do anything to him and all he wants is more attention kitty, not the standoff-ish, don’t touch me I’ll touch you kitty. Firefly found a tuft of his hair with what looked like blood in the hallway this morning and some drops of blood around the dining room that were not mine (it was contained in the bedroom and master bath), so we’re thinking he was either already hurt or something happened and that was what started it all. We’re keeping a close eye on him, and in the meantime I’ve gotten my tetanus booster shot and a course of antibiotics to make sure the punctures don’t get infected. The kitties were already not allowed in Monkey’s room at night or in there alone with him, and you can be damn sure I’ll be triple-checking his door to make sure it’s closed and they’re on the opposite side.

Anyway, both of my arms are in sorry shape. The one with the bite is throbbing from my elbow all the way down into my fingers and any little bit of pressure sets it off again. It’s on the outside of my arm–take your finger and touch the tip of your pinkie, then run it down the side of your hand and along your arm toward your elbow; about halfway there you’ll find where the bite is. It makes it pretty much impossible to rest my arm on anything. The picture actually washed it out quite a bit, but it’s very red around the punctures and in the space between them. My right arm is mostly just tender, although with the scratches being on the tender inside part of my upper arm it’s mostly the rubbing against my clothing that keeps irritating it. I’ve been taking ibuprofen, which is what was recommended to me, but so far it doesn’t seem to be helping much. Either that or the pain is much worse than I think.

But, the good part of today? Our baby is officially a newborn no more. Today he hit the three-month mark and moved on into infancy.


I’d like to send out a great big congratulations to my friend Meegs and her husband Trav over at A New Day on the birth of their beautiful baby girl early yesterday afternoon! It’s been a long road, and I am so, so happy for them. Welcome, Gwen!

I’ve been so bad about even getting online at home, let alone posting. I have been following along on things on my reader, but haven’t made it out of my own little space. Heck, Kristen over at one hundred eighty degrees asked for reader questions like two weeks ago and I kept meaning to go over and ask a few of my own, but now I feel a bit silly about it since it’s been so long.

We’ve been keeping very busy, going out of town this past weekend to visit with Firefly’s best friend and see the musical her daughter is in, and giving Grandma and Grandpa Fire some quality time with Monkey.

We’ve had quite a few other things happening as well with lots more snow and a dentist visit and a church class thing and who can even remember what else, and we’re trying to enjoy Firefly’s last week at home. She’s back to work next Monday, on first shift for the first week doing a fire refresher course before going back to her regular third shift duties the week after. Neither of us are much looking forward to it.

Monkey is still sleeping through the night, and we’ve actually been able to work his bedtime up a little bit. He’s falling asleep around 8 or 9, although he usually still wakes one more time between 11 or 12 for one last diaper change and feeding before going down for good. When I get up in the morning to get ready for work he’s usually still asleep, although the times he’s not he just smiles up at me. I’m hoping he keeps it up once Firefly is back on third shift, otherwise it’s going to get very miserable for me very fast!


I know, I did it again. But I have a very good reason: Monkey has been a very happy gigglemonster. Yes, that’s my excuse. Sunday, of course, was that big game and all, so that’s my excuse for then. Bennder and a friend of ours came over and watched it with us, which was lots of fun, but it made for a busy day.

Monday I had chorus, although I was able to come home for about an hour between work and meeting my mom for a pre-rehearsal dinner. When I got home afterward, though, that little boy was just smiling and jabbering and squealing and giggling away at me and do you know how hard it is to even think about doing anything other than making him do it more? Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible.

We were supposed to go to the lawyer yesterday to finalize and sign all of our paperwork, but the snow hit again. We decided to postpone the meeting and I headed home from work early to try and avoid some of the craziness. Of course, just as I was nearing home the snow tapered off and we didn’t get much more so I probably would have been fine leaving at my normal time. It did allow me to shovel while it was still light out, which was good because we have a rather large drive. It took me over an hour to finish up, and only because our neighbor from across the street was finishing his up with his snow blower as I got near the bottom of ours so he came over and got the last bit, saying something about how I’d better get inside so Firefly didn’t get all the fun with the baby (I was having a bit of trouble hearing him over the machine, but it was something along those lines). It was so nice because the end of the drive is always the worst from the plows coming through. I came inside, showered, and then spent some time with Monkey while he grabbed everything he could, smiling and cooing.

So tonight Firefly’s darts got canceled, but she went out and met up with some folks for a bit of practice and fun. I’ve just been hanging with the Monkey, so I’ve gotten the pictures on my camera uploaded but haven’t had time for much else other than getting a load of laundry done–a necessity because we were out of diaper covers. Hopefully I can find some time in the next day or so to share some of them. In the meantime, here’s one of Monkey with Firefly’s new toy:

it’s been a busy week!

Okay, so I say I’m going to post and then I don’t until the next day, and then I disappear for almost a week. Sorry about that.

Tuesday we met with the lawyer who is drawing up our new wills, POAs and all of that stuff–not the same lawyer who did the co-parenting stuff. We already had wills and medical POAs, but now that Monkey is here and the co-parenting agreement has been entered in court we need to redo everything. It went well but took a while. We’ll be going back this week to sign everything and make it all official, and then our family will be as legally protected as we can possibly be here in our great state.

Wednesday Firefly didn’t have darts, so we had a friend over for dinner. I made salsa and we had tasty burritos and played with Monkey. A good time was had by all, and then Thursday my dad came over to spend the evening with Monkey while we went to a game.

We were supposed to go to Firefly’s parents’ house last night and then to her best friend’s house today, but it started snowing around 10 yesterday morning and by the time I left work at 1:30 we already had over 3 inches of snow. So yeah. No traveling for us. I shoveled about 4 inches off our drive because I’ve found that when we’re getting a lot it’s easier to do it twice when it’s still not to deep than it is to try to shovel a foot all at once. Firefly went out this afternoon, after it finally stopped, and got it a second time. She got most of the drive, although she didn’t get a little area up by the house and the last four feet or so to the end of the drive (where the street plow had made it quite deep). I was going to go out and finish all of it, but I realized that our neighbors, who had finished with a snow blower on theirs, were getting the end of our drive. So very nice! I did get the last of what was up by the house, but I’m so glad I didn’t have to get the tough stuff.

Other than the shoveling today has been lots of time with Monkey, who has been fighting sleep with everything he has all day long. He did sleep for about half an hour this morning and finally seems to have succumbed on Firefly’s lap. Okay, I take it back, he just started crying. We’re a little worried he may be starting to teethe, although it seems early yet. We’ll see, I suppose.

I took some pictures of the snow after I finished shoveling today. I’ll try to share a few tomorrow, but I haven’t uploaded them to my computer yet.

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