I know, I did it again. But I have a very good reason: Monkey has been a very happy gigglemonster. Yes, that’s my excuse. Sunday, of course, was that big game and all, so that’s my excuse for then. Bennder and a friend of ours came over and watched it with us, which was lots of fun, but it made for a busy day.

Monday I had chorus, although I was able to come home for about an hour between work and meeting my mom for a pre-rehearsal dinner. When I got home afterward, though, that little boy was just smiling and jabbering and squealing and giggling away at me and do you know how hard it is to even think about doing anything other than making him do it more? Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible.

We were supposed to go to the lawyer yesterday to finalize and sign all of our paperwork, but the snow hit again. We decided to postpone the meeting and I headed home from work early to try and avoid some of the craziness. Of course, just as I was nearing home the snow tapered off and we didn’t get much more so I probably would have been fine leaving at my normal time. It did allow me to shovel while it was still light out, which was good because we have a rather large drive. It took me over an hour to finish up, and only because our neighbor from across the street was finishing his up with his snow blower as I got near the bottom of ours so he came over and got the last bit, saying something about how I’d better get inside so Firefly didn’t get all the fun with the baby (I was having a bit of trouble hearing him over the machine, but it was something along those lines). It was so nice because the end of the drive is always the worst from the plows coming through. I came inside, showered, and then spent some time with Monkey while he grabbed everything he could, smiling and cooing.

So tonight Firefly’s darts got canceled, but she went out and met up with some folks for a bit of practice and fun. I’ve just been hanging with the Monkey, so I’ve gotten the pictures on my camera uploaded but haven’t had time for much else other than getting a load of laundry done–a necessity because we were out of diaper covers. Hopefully I can find some time in the next day or so to share some of them. In the meantime, here’s one of Monkey with Firefly’s new toy:


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