I’d like to send out a great big congratulations to my friend Meegs and her husband Trav over at A New Day on the birth of their beautiful baby girl early yesterday afternoon! It’s been a long road, and I am so, so happy for them. Welcome, Gwen!

I’ve been so bad about even getting online at home, let alone posting. I have been following along on things on my reader, but haven’t made it out of my own little space. Heck, Kristen over at one hundred eighty degrees asked for reader questions like two weeks ago and I kept meaning to go over and ask a few of my own, but now I feel a bit silly about it since it’s been so long.

We’ve been keeping very busy, going out of town this past weekend to visit with Firefly’s best friend and see the musical her daughter is in, and giving Grandma and Grandpa Fire some quality time with Monkey.

We’ve had quite a few other things happening as well with lots more snow and a dentist visit and a church class thing and who can even remember what else, and we’re trying to enjoy Firefly’s last week at home. She’s back to work next Monday, on first shift for the first week doing a fire refresher course before going back to her regular third shift duties the week after. Neither of us are much looking forward to it.

Monkey is still sleeping through the night, and we’ve actually been able to work his bedtime up a little bit. He’s falling asleep around 8 or 9, although he usually still wakes one more time between 11 or 12 for one last diaper change and feeding before going down for good. When I get up in the morning to get ready for work he’s usually still asleep, although the times he’s not he just smiles up at me. I’m hoping he keeps it up once Firefly is back on third shift, otherwise it’s going to get very miserable for me very fast!


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