i’m not ready.

Well, my arm is still sore but seems to be recovering. We did have to squeeze some icky stuff out a few times, but the antibiotics definitely seem to be doing their job.

Firefly goes back to work tomorrow and neither of us is looking forward to it at all. My dad is another story, though. He’s very excited to take on his nanny job. I think it will be good once things get going, but I am a little nervous about this week. Firefly will be on first shift for one of her firefighter/EMT refresher courses, so my dad will be starting out right away with just him and Monkey in the house. I almost wish Firefly was going right back to third shift so that she could be around (even though she’d be sleeping) if anything came up this first week. I know some of it is just me being a bit sad in general about both of us being back to work full-time. I mean, it’s not like dad can’t call me to ask where the extra wipes are or whatever, but still. Then again, her being on first shift means I have her at home at night for one more week so I really shouldn’t complain.

Monkey has been in bed for a while and Firefly and I had a cup of tea. She’s finishing up with getting everything she needs together. I’m off to see if she needs any help!


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