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a long few days.

This turned into a very long post about how our weekend went. I’ve decided to put it behind a cut, although I believe anyone following through reader will be still be stuck with the whole thing… Continue reading ‘a long few days.’


a sad day.

Today we got the call we’ve been dreading. Firefly’s best friend since high school has two children with her husband: a beautiful girl, and an amazing young man with musc.ular dyst.rophy. About a month ago he was in the hospital with pneumonia. He was treated and released when there was nothing more they could do, and we were able to make a trip up not long after to spend some time with him and his family. He was doing better, but the doctors said that he probably wouldn’t make it through another respiratory episode.

It didn’t take that long.

This morning, while his mom was giving him a breathing treatment, he simply stopped breathing. Last night he was playing his W.ii and eating meatballs. Tonight he’s gone. We’re all heartbroken.

He was at home, with the family who loved him. Tomorrow we’ll celebrate my birthday, and Saturday morning we’ll get up and make the drive to Firefly’s hometown to mourn and help however we can.

a good weekend.

We had a beautiful weekend here with fabulous warm sunny weather. Saturday we went and got some plants for the front of our house and dug up two of the beds out front. We have a covered bed that we have sorely neglected, so we moved the one small bush that was still living up next to the front door and have some others ready to plant. The other bed is now weeded and turned over, although we were thoroughly pooped after that and didn’t get much else done. Monkey seemed to enjoy hanging out in his stroller watching us and chatting away.

Yesterday we took Monkey on his first disc golf outing with Bennder, although he started fussing and she had an appointment so we cut out early. It was good, though, because I was on par with Firefly, which never happens. Of course, she usually pulls away in the second half of the course so she probably would have beaten me, but still. I was happy about it. My shoulder might not be, though, as it’s been complaining a bit today about all the exertion it suffered this weekend.

Today, of course, it’s been rainy, cold and dreary. I did get home from chorus rehearsal to find a happy baby who had nothing but smiles for me, which was quite lovely. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same chilly dreariness–but I suppose it’ll entice us to stay in and clean since we’re having a few people over on Friday to celebrate my birthday and right now we’ve got a bit of a mess on our hands, so at least there’s that.

Speaking of which, I should probably go try to get something done and figure out what we need to get at the grocery…


Lots of things are growing around this house.

These are growing:

And this little guy is growing:

He’s four months old today, can you believe it? We all enjoyed getting out in the sunshine this afternoon and I took advantage. Just click on the image and see my awesome focus…on his eyebrows. Sheesh.

This one is better, the light is more even and the focus on his left eye is very clear (you can see the reflection of a neighbor’s house and trees), but I like that he’s looking at me in the other one:

I really should have moved to a higher f/stop to have more of him in focus, but I was shooting wide open. What do you think?

Another thing that has been growing, but that I do not like? My waistline. It’s not good. I’m going to stop having meal deductions at work and start bringing my own. It’ll cost more since at work I pay less than $1 per day for breakfast and lunch, and how can you beat that? But I’ll have more control and be able to eat healthier. I am woefully out of shape and nowhere near where I want to be. I want to change that. I need to change that.

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Today is an anniversary. Not a happy one, although not an entirely unhappy one as it marks the passing of pain.

D, six years later and we still miss you. You made a mark, never fear–and I for one am forever better for it.


So my birthday is coming up, and to celebrate–and also because she got a really good deal–Firefly got a camcorder. It arrived in the mail today, and we’ve charged up the battery. Hopefully we can try it out tomorrow!

Last night was a bit rough. I thought Monkey was doing okay with the time change, but not so much. He was still WIDE awake at midnight, being all cute and stuff. Can you imagine? I finally got him to go to sleep, but then I had to put in a load of laundry and wait for it to get through the cycle so I could move it to the dryer so he’d have diapers this morning.

He seemed to be back to normal tonight. He started to doze off before Firefly even left for work, although he woke up and fussed for a little while after that. He was probably good and asleep by around 10:30, so not too bad. And really, since he sleeps through I can’t complain too much.

Watch, now that I said that he’ll be up five million times tonight. But, so far so good.

Also? Must. Eat. Book…

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