a good weekend.

We had a beautiful weekend here with fabulous warm sunny weather. Saturday we went and got some plants for the front of our house and dug up two of the beds out front. We have a covered bed that we have sorely neglected, so we moved the one small bush that was still living up next to the front door and have some others ready to plant. The other bed is now weeded and turned over, although we were thoroughly pooped after that and didn’t get much else done. Monkey seemed to enjoy hanging out in his stroller watching us and chatting away.

Yesterday we took Monkey on his first disc golf outing with Bennder, although he started fussing and she had an appointment so we cut out early. It was good, though, because I was on par with Firefly, which never happens. Of course, she usually pulls away in the second half of the course so she probably would have beaten me, but still. I was happy about it. My shoulder might not be, though, as it’s been complaining a bit today about all the exertion it suffered this weekend.

Today, of course, it’s been rainy, cold and dreary. I did get home from chorus rehearsal to find a happy baby who had nothing but smiles for me, which was quite lovely. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same chilly dreariness–but I suppose it’ll entice us to stay in and clean since we’re having a few people over on Friday to celebrate my birthday and right now we’ve got a bit of a mess on our hands, so at least there’s that.

Speaking of which, I should probably go try to get something done and figure out what we need to get at the grocery…


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