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well, there’s good and bad news.

Poor Firefly hardly got any sleep today. The service guy was supposed to come to the house between 12-2, but didn’t show until almost 6pm. Apparently they had one of their cameras down, so this guy was having to cover everything, which would have been fine if Firefly hadn’t called at 3 and been told that he was in the area and would be there within an hour, then called back an hour and a half later and they apparently still knew nothing. Turns out he was in the area–until they sent him to the other side of town before us. Ugh!

It turns out that the pipe goes nowhere near where we thought it did originally. The good news is it’s definitely not going through our neighbor’s property, but it does go right through where our electric was buried a few years ago, and it was probably busted at that time (likely in more than one place). The bad news is it also runs right through were the city is going to be digging everything up when they put in sewers and storm drains sometime in the next few years. So, right now what we’re thinking is to actually run it about 30 feet along the side of the house and tie it in with the other corner, which is working properly as far as we can tell and is not in the way of the city work. Of course they quoted us upward of 1,500 to do it, and they’d literally just dig it out, put in the new pipe, and put the dirt back, no fixing of landscaping or anything. So at this point we’re not sure what we’re doing. We may just go rent a trencher for a day and do the whole damn thing ourselves for a fraction of the cost.

No fun.

The really sucky part for us is that a good friend of ours who moved out of state was in town today for work and meeting up with folks at a local bar. Bennder lives right down the street from said bar and was going to watch Monkey while we visited for a bit. By the time the guy was done it was after 7, we were hungry, and Firefly was exhausted and still had to work tonight, so we ended up not being able to go. She’s heading back home tomorrow, I believe, so we won’t be able to see her at all this visit. Sad Blue!


fun with water.

We’ve had some excitement here at home. Our sump pump drain is tied in to one of the downspout drains. We noticed that we had water backing up out of the drain when the pump kicked on, so Saturday instead of getting some things done that we had planned we ended up calling in service to check it out. The guy snaked about 60 feet into the drain, and when he pulled the snake back out a bunch of roots came with it. Oh, so not okay. Apparently somewhere along the line of old clay pipe a tree has broken through, and has likely collapsed the pipe. They’re coming back out on Tuesday with a camera to check it out and try to find out what’s going on and what we’ll need to do to get it fixed. In the meantime we’ve disconnected the downspout and water is still backing up every time it kicks on–and we’ve had a big storm come through, so the downspout has been put to use by mother nature as well.

The thing that worries me the most about it is that judging by where the pipe seems to be running, it might very well go through a neighbor’s property and depending on where the break is I’m not sure who would be responsible to fix it. We think we know where it is and if that is the location it would be on our property, but who knows with those pipes if that’s actually where it is, or if it’s the only issue. I’m really hoping so, but we just don’t know yet. Not fun.

In better news, Monkey is still loving the carrots. This evening he was a hungry little thing, having a normal feeding, then devouring all of the carrots, then two more feedings within an hour, and then another four ounces of formula when Firefly left for work. Fun! We really should think about getting a highchair. Right now he’s eating his meals in his little bubble chair thing.

fun with carrots.

Carrots are good.

So are bibs.

five months.

Our little Monkey turned five months old yesterday! I can hardly believe it. It seems like everything is happening so quickly. It seems like just last week that we were holding him for the first time, yesterday that I was nervously driving us home from the hospital. Then again, I feel like I can hardly remember what our life was like without him.

he’s doing what?

We’ve had a busy weekend here!

On Friday evening Monkey was standing up on the ottoman–with help, of course. He was holding on to my fingers facing Firefly, when all of a sudden he too two steps toward her, paused, and then took two more. We just kind of looked at each other in shock. He’s always loved standing, and on occasion he’d lift his feet off the ground, but he’s always just put them right back down where they were. Firefly went and got the video camera and we got him doing it again. Then we got down on the floor and Firefly stood on the other side of the room, and he took some more steps. We got that recorded, too, although he got distracted by the kitties and some toys on the floor so he didn’t get too far. A little later I was in my office and Firefly had him in the sitting area in our dining room (I know that sounds kind of odd, but if you’ve been in our house you know what I’m talking about). He walked all the way across the room and almost to my office, which is a good 10 feet or so. Crazy!

He also figured out on Saturday evening how to move himself sideways on his belly. He used to hate tummy time, but now if we put him on the floor on his back he rolls over and tries to get himself up and moving. He went a good four or five feet on his own at one point. If he does stay on his back he tries with all his might to sit up, doing little baby crunches.

We went to the zoo on Saturday with his aunties Bennder and GOB. He loved the aquarium! I got a really nice picture of him looking at the fish swimming by while Bennder was holding him:

We all had a great time and I had fun playing with my camera. Double bonus for me!

Today he and I did some more playing on the floor while Firefly went out on her motorcycle for a quick ride–her first time this year, and really longer than that since she was pregnant this time last year and didn’t get to ride. Monkey was on his belly with his forehead on the ground, put his arms straight out in front of himself, pulled his knees up under, then pulled himself forward. Not quite a crawl, but quite close. He also managed to get on his hands and knees with everything off the ground except his forehead.

This evening after Firefly’s softball game he figured out that if he gets his head up off the ground and turns it to the side, he can lower it very slowly and not have his face on the ground. He seemed to like that a lot and did it a few times, grinning at us the whole time. Up until now it’s just been lift and lower, but always with his face toward the ground. It seems like every day he’s figuring out something new. It’s so amazing!

Okay, enough rambling from me for tonight!


Monkey has been eating rice cereal for a little over a week now, and he loves it. He giggles and squeals and pulls the spoon into his mouth, opening wide like a little bird and making an adorable mess. We’ve decided to wait until at least this weekend to introduce another food to give him (and us) a little more time, and because we missed a day here and there and we’d like to have at least a week of daily feedings. This has brought up a few questions, however. We’re not entirely sure how to go about this.

Do we feed him cereal once a day and then start a second meal of a fruit or veggie another time? Do we give him both at the same time? Or should we just be feeding him one food at a time and switch from the cereal to the first vegetable? Once he’s going on another food we have to think about introducing another. Do we add it along with the other two, or switch out the veggie and keep going with the cereal? Why oh why didn’t we think about these things before! And I’m probably over thinking, but now I can’t stop.

So. Any moms (or dads) have suggestions or input? We’d love you for it.


We’ve had a busy week and weekend, so here are a few pictures and a quick post.

I took these photos yesterday afternoon while we were cleaning up our patio. We were having lots of family over today after his baptism this morning, so his aunties Bennder and GOB came over to help out. He was having fun with Auntie Bennder while I took some pictures. It was so funny, for a little while every time I’d go to take a picture he’d lean toward me and reach out for the camera…like when I tried to take this one:

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