fun with water.

We’ve had some excitement here at home. Our sump pump drain is tied in to one of the downspout drains. We noticed that we had water backing up out of the drain when the pump kicked on, so Saturday instead of getting some things done that we had planned we ended up calling in service to check it out. The guy snaked about 60 feet into the drain, and when he pulled the snake back out a bunch of roots came with it. Oh, so not okay. Apparently somewhere along the line of old clay pipe a tree has broken through, and has likely collapsed the pipe. They’re coming back out on Tuesday with a camera to check it out and try to find out what’s going on and what we’ll need to do to get it fixed. In the meantime we’ve disconnected the downspout and water is still backing up every time it kicks on–and we’ve had a big storm come through, so the downspout has been put to use by mother nature as well.

The thing that worries me the most about it is that judging by where the pipe seems to be running, it might very well go through a neighbor’s property and depending on where the break is I’m not sure who would be responsible to fix it. We think we know where it is and if that is the location it would be on our property, but who knows with those pipes if that’s actually where it is, or if it’s the only issue. I’m really hoping so, but we just don’t know yet. Not fun.

In better news, Monkey is still loving the carrots. This evening he was a hungry little thing, having a normal feeding, then devouring all of the carrots, then two more feedings within an hour, and then another four ounces of formula when Firefly left for work. Fun! We really should think about getting a highchair. Right now he’s eating his meals in his little bubble chair thing.


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