well, there’s good and bad news.

Poor Firefly hardly got any sleep today. The service guy was supposed to come to the house between 12-2, but didn’t show until almost 6pm. Apparently they had one of their cameras down, so this guy was having to cover everything, which would have been fine if Firefly hadn’t called at 3 and been told that he was in the area and would be there within an hour, then called back an hour and a half later and they apparently still knew nothing. Turns out he was in the area–until they sent him to the other side of town before us. Ugh!

It turns out that the pipe goes nowhere near where we thought it did originally. The good news is it’s definitely not going through our neighbor’s property, but it does go right through where our electric was buried a few years ago, and it was probably busted at that time (likely in more than one place). The bad news is it also runs right through were the city is going to be digging everything up when they put in sewers and storm drains sometime in the next few years. So, right now what we’re thinking is to actually run it about 30 feet along the side of the house and tie it in with the other corner, which is working properly as far as we can tell and is not in the way of the city work. Of course they quoted us upward of 1,500 to do it, and they’d literally just dig it out, put in the new pipe, and put the dirt back, no fixing of landscaping or anything. So at this point we’re not sure what we’re doing. We may just go rent a trencher for a day and do the whole damn thing ourselves for a fraction of the cost.

No fun.

The really sucky part for us is that a good friend of ours who moved out of state was in town today for work and meeting up with folks at a local bar. Bennder lives right down the street from said bar and was going to watch Monkey while we visited for a bit. By the time the guy was done it was after 7, we were hungry, and Firefly was exhausted and still had to work tonight, so we ended up not being able to go. She’s heading back home tomorrow, I believe, so we won’t be able to see her at all this visit. Sad Blue!


1 Response to “well, there’s good and bad news.”

  1. 1 wishinghopingpraying April 28, 2010 at 2:56 am

    I’m sorry, what a yucky day.

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