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making friends

We went on a picnic today with some friends of ours. A good friend who moved away is in town for the holiday weekend, so we met up with her, another friend, and that friend’s little girl. She’s about 3 months older than Monkey, and it’s the first time they met. We had a great time, and they had a good time playing with each other!




Monkey has been sniffly and clingy all day, and seems to have a bit of a cough. I can hear him now in his bed. He’s still been his happy self, for the most part, but oh the poor thing. I hope it doesn’t get worse.

He had his 6-month appointment today and it went very well. He’s still in the same percentile for both height and weight as before (25th for both), and his development is great. I did mention the ear pulling and the doc checked it out and reported that everything looks fine, no infection or anything, so it’s probably related to his runny nose or something like that and nothing to worry about.

Now I’m going to bed, and hoping he sleeps through and gets a lot of good rest.

a big update.

I’m finally feeling better, although my voice is still a little hoarse and I have some crud hanging around in my nose and chest–but not nearly what it was. Monkey’s nose was a little runny today and he was pulling at his ear so I’m hoping he’s not getting it, or if he does it isn’t too bad. He has his 6-month appointment in the morning, so we’ll mention it then.

Monkey’s been waking up at least once during the night for the last four or five days. We’ve fed him and he seems to go back to sleep well with some snuggling, but we’re not sure if he’s teething, his ear was bothering him, or if he’s just plain hungry. He seems to be hungrier than usual recently and we’re trying to increase his food accordingly and get him on a better feeding schedule. The last few days we’ve added another fruit or veggie meal to his day, and he’s still eating just as much milk and formula supplements as before, so we’ll see if that helps. Oh, and today he had his first taste of banana. Turns out our Monkey loves them. Who knew? I think it’s been his favorite new food so far.

He has been able to sit unassisted for long periods of time, upwards of half an hour or more playing at this point, as long as we sit him up. I did go in to get him up from his nap yesterday and found him sitting in his crib, which is the first time I think that I’ve seen him fully up without help (although he was crying a little bit and when he saw me he flopped right over and put his hands up to me).

He’s spent a good bit of time the last two weeks on his hands and knees, bouncing and rocking himself forward and backward. He’s able to move a little ways by giving himself one big push forward and throwing his arms out, but hasn’t gotten the hang of moving those limbs individually yet. He’s getting so close, though. He’s also been pulling himself up to standing on us while we’re playing, but hasn’t been able to do it grasping onto other things yet, like the table or his crib. He’s giving that his best go, though. He’s going to be motoring around before we know it!

In house news, we did get the washer and dryer all moved upstairs and water and electric run. Once we did we discovered that the washer was having more issues than we originally thought, and since we were only able to use the time dry on the other we decided to just go all out and replace them both while we were at it. We still need to get all the rooms moved around, which was hindered this week by me feeling so miserable, but we’re hoping to get that underway very soon. For now we’re just not running the laundry while Monkey’s sleeping, although they’re quieter than our old ones. We have done it and it doesn’t seem to bother him but we’d still rather avoid it unless we have to.

I think that’s mostly what we’ve been up to. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a good report from the doctor!

six months

Monkey is six months old today! And I am sick sick sick, so I hope this picture will be sufficient to mark the occasion. I promise a lengthy update on everything that’s been happening over the past week–and there has been a lot happening–very soon. Want it or not.

cool boy.

what a weekend

We were so busy all week long, really. The concerts I’ve been rehearsing for finally came and went, so last week was full of rehearsals and the times I wasn’t in rehearsals I was trying to keep up on things. Firefly and Monkey came to the Saturday show with Bennder and GOB, and he was so good! He didn’t cry at all, and slept through most of the second half on his grandpa blue. The first half I think Firefly, Bennder and GOB all had turns holding him. He made some noise here and there, but it was all happy sounds and who doesn’t love those?

Yesterday was our first Mothers’ Day! We celebrated with lunch and then went for ice cream before I headed out for the afternoon concert. After it was over I went out for an early dinner with my sister and parents. Both my sister and mom sing in the chorus and my dad had volunteered to help out so we were all there together. Firefly had stayed home with Monkey, and Bennder and GOB were also over because Firefly’s parents were in town and stopping by for a visit. They were gone by the time I got home, but everyone had a good time with the respective families, I think.

On Friday Firefly got a card from her parents in the mail, and truth be told I was terribly disappointed that I didn’t get one, too. Cards have never been a big thing in my family, but they are in hers. I secretly hoped that one would come for me on Saturday, that perhaps it had just gotten delayed. No such luck. Well, when I got home from dinner with my family Firefly had something for me. Her mom had a card for me in her purse with Firefly’s, but when she went to mail them she missed mine. She decided to hand-deliver it so I’d have it on Mother’s Day. Oh, I can’t tell you how happy it made me!

I put together a book of photos of Monkey from the time he was born through this month (including some from before he was born) as a gift for Firefly. I showed it to her over the weekend and she really liked it. I’m getting it printed this week–I wanted her to look at it and make sure there weren’t any pictures I missed that she really wanted or duplicate photos or anything like that before I did. I’m actually going to get three, one for each of our parents, too. I thought about getting copies for Bean, and also Bennder and GOB, but I just don’t think I can afford to do that so I may call them and see if they’d want to buy one since the shipping is one rate up to 5 or 6 books, that way I could order them all together.

Oh, and last night poor Monkey had such a hard time going to bed. He was so tired and he would fall asleep with me on the couch, but as soon as I tried to put him in his crib and took my hands away he’d wake and start crying. It took me over four hours–until around 1am–to get him asleep enough to be able to go to bed. He went to sleep much easier tonight, thank goodness. So, maybe finally teething, although today he was tired and really sleepy, and also stuffy. The news said that the pollen is so bad right now that pretty much everyone is feeling it, even people who don’t have allergies it seems. It’s supposed to rain a little tonight which should make things easier on everyone.

And now I’m going to try to get some sleep myself. Without proofreading, even!

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