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a scare

We had a bit of a scare tonight. I was telling Firefly about a co-worker whose baby fell down the basement stairs (the baby is fine, don’t worry) because her husband accidentally left the gate open. They, like us, don’t have an actual door to their basement. We have a temporary compression gate up and he isn’t in that area on his own, but we need to get the mounted gate up ASAP.

So not five minutes later she’s on the couch holding Monkey and he’s being his usual squirmy, climbing self, when next thing we know he’s catapulted himself out of her arms, over the arm of the couch and onto the floor. Oh! Talk about panic! He cried for a moment, but he seems to be fine. We think it was just the suddenness of it and surprise more than anything else, and within the next five minutes he was playing away with us–on the floor. Still, I’ll definitely be checking in on him before I go to bed. Like I don’t every night anyway…


grumpy mommies and tummies.

Well, we’ve had a very busy weekend with Firefly’s mom and aunts coming back from their trip to Norway, a farmer’s market, and a festival downtown. Today we had two grumpy mommies, one with a back that’s out again for the second time in a month, and a spouting baby. It was not pretty.

Firefly’s supply has been a little lower–not so much that she can’t do most of Monkey’s feedings, but enough that we’ve had to supplement with one, maybe two bottles of formula a day along with his other meals. So far this hasn’t been too bad, and we got quite a few free samples when Monkey was first born. We’ve been able, so far, to use those and not buy any. We would use all of one kind, then move on to another, which wasn’t a problem because we had so much of each and used little enough of it that we were being consistent for longer periods of time.

Until now. The last free container we had was soy-based (we only got one of those and deliberately saved it for last). We finally opened it this weekend, and have discovered that Monkey does not like it. Or rather, Monkey’s tummy does not like it. Today he was spitting up more than his usual normal baby spit-up, and it is STINKY. Icky. Even the other end is remarkably more stinky. Honestly, I thought the formula itself smelled worse than the milk-based ones even before having to smell it for a second time. Ugh. The only thing that’s changed or been added to his diet is this formula, and only this weekend. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it otherwise and is still his happy self, so I’m not sure if it’s anything to do with the fact that it’s soy-based or just that particular formula, but in any event today we went out and bought some of the milk-based stuff that he seemed to do fine with before. We’re hoping this solves the problem.

POTW: summer

So I’ve gotten involved in a photography forum lately, and every week they have a themed Photo of the Week challenge. Everyone who wants to links a photo and it all gets posted together on a blog. I participated for the first time this week, and I thought I’d share…

the lake.

A friend of mine posted some pictures from this park elsewhere today. We go every October, and It made me think of this photograph I took during last year’s trip. I can’t wait to take Monkey with us this time!

coming to get you…

Look out, Mama!

7 months

Monkey is 7 months old today, and I can hardly believe it! This morning he celebrated by standing in his crib and holding on to the rail with one hand while waving his other around at me and chatting as I came to get him up. He’s been pulling himself up to standing on our legs or the couch while we’re playing in the living room, but it’s the first time I’ve found him in his crib like that.

He also spent the day at our Pride festival today. It started out with a few small rain showers this morning, but it cleared up around noon and was totally gorgeous, other than being quite hot and muggy. It’s a good thing I’m much better about sunscreen on him than I am on me, though, because I’m a bit pink, especially on the nose and forehead. He was so good, though, and seemed to be having a great time looking at all the people and interesting things around him.

We stopped for dinner on the way home and then I took a shower. We’ll be heading out again in a bit with Monkey and his travel crib in tow to spend the evening enjoying a backyard fire and probably a drink or two at our friends’ house.

7 months!

the past few days.

We have tooth number two! We thought the past few days that it was coming, and I could finally see it this evening poking through Monkey’s gum. So, the two bottom teeth are here.

Firefly’s aunt got into town yesterday evening to stay with us for the night, so we picked her up from the airport. We went out to dinner with her and Bennder, then came back to the house where we played with the boy for a good while. After we put him to bed Firefly and I proceeded to kick their butts in a game of hand and foot (a favorite in this family), which we played as partners to speed things up. And when I say we kicked their butts, I mean it. We won by nearly 8,000 points. Crazy!

I had taken today off work, so we got up this morning and spent some time playing with Monkey again, of course. Firefly’s mom and other aunt got to the house and we spent some time just chatting (and playing, which probably goes without saying at this point), then all took a little walk up our street and back before meeting up with Bennder for lunch. It was lovely, and then we took the three to the airport for their flight to Norway to visit their brother and his wife. It was still pretty early and a beautiful day, so Firefly and I headed to the zoo for a bit. When we got home Firefly took a nap while I kept the boy occupied, and then she headed out for darts.

He and I spent some time playing, and he ate up a storm. He fell asleep pretty early, and then woke up again wanting to eat. Growth spurt? And I just realized I never did eat dinner myself tonight. Oops.

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