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oh, what a busy weekend!

We got so much done this weekend, but boy am I wiped out. We got the desk built in Monkey’s old room, pretty much everything moved out of Firefly’s old office (almost everything that was going, that is), the futon moved into her old office and everything that is staying is in its new place, and both of our computers are set up in the new office. There’s still a lot of organizing to do in here, and right now Monkey’s room has his crib and dresser alongside my now-empty desk and my bookshelves, but it’s definite progress. Oh, and we lost internet for a while trying to move everything around, but obviously that’s all fixed now.

Monkey, who just last weekend really started this whole crawling thing in earnest, is now motoring all over wherever he can. He’ll go from one side of the living room to the other and back again, stopping here and there to pull himself up to standing on things and take a step or three before losing his balance, toppling over, and doing it all over again. He is one active boy! He did have an incident today when he was playing in his box of toys and lost his balance, bonking into the table leg. Nothing too terrible, but he does have a little red welt on his forehead now and it led to some crying and snuggling. We also finally got him a highchair today, so we had dinner at the table together. We had our dinner and he played with puffs, getting them stuck to his hands and tossing them to the floor for the kitties to play with. It was fun!


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