the past few days.

We have tooth number two! We thought the past few days that it was coming, and I could finally see it this evening poking through Monkey’s gum. So, the two bottom teeth are here.

Firefly’s aunt got into town yesterday evening to stay with us for the night, so we picked her up from the airport. We went out to dinner with her and Bennder, then came back to the house where we played with the boy for a good while. After we put him to bed Firefly and I proceeded to kick their butts in a game of hand and foot (a favorite in this family), which we played as partners to speed things up. And when I say we kicked their butts, I mean it. We won by nearly 8,000 points. Crazy!

I had taken today off work, so we got up this morning and spent some time playing with Monkey again, of course. Firefly’s mom and other aunt got to the house and we spent some time just chatting (and playing, which probably goes without saying at this point), then all took a little walk up our street and back before meeting up with Bennder for lunch. It was lovely, and then we took the three to the airport for their flight to Norway to visit their brother and his wife. It was still pretty early and a beautiful day, so Firefly and I headed to the zoo for a bit. When we got home Firefly took a nap while I kept the boy occupied, and then she headed out for darts.

He and I spent some time playing, and he ate up a storm. He fell asleep pretty early, and then woke up again wanting to eat. Growth spurt? And I just realized I never did eat dinner myself tonight. Oops.


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