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grumpy mommies and tummies.

Well, we’ve had a very busy weekend with Firefly’s mom and aunts coming back from their trip to Norway, a farmer’s market, and a festival downtown. Today we had two grumpy mommies, one with a back that’s out again for the second time in a month, and a spouting baby. It was not pretty.

Firefly’s supply has been a little lower–not so much that she can’t do most of Monkey’s feedings, but enough that we’ve had to supplement with one, maybe two bottles of formula a day along with his other meals. So far this hasn’t been too bad, and we got quite a few free samples when Monkey was first born. We’ve been able, so far, to use those and not buy any. We would use all of one kind, then move on to another, which wasn’t a problem because we had so much of each and used little enough of it that we were being consistent for longer periods of time.

Until now. The last free container we had was soy-based (we only got one of those and deliberately saved it for last). We finally opened it this weekend, and have discovered that Monkey does not like it. Or rather, Monkey’s tummy does not like it. Today he was spitting up more than his usual normal baby spit-up, and it is STINKY. Icky. Even the other end is remarkably more stinky. Honestly, I thought the formula itself smelled worse than the milk-based ones even before having to smell it for a second time. Ugh. The only thing that’s changed or been added to his diet is this formula, and only this weekend. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it otherwise and is still his happy self, so I’m not sure if it’s anything to do with the fact that it’s soy-based or just that particular formula, but in any event today we went out and bought some of the milk-based stuff that he seemed to do fine with before. We’re hoping this solves the problem.


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