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184: 31

I didn’t take a lot of shots today–we had a busy day, and although we went to a friend’s birthday cookout and I took my camera, I didn’t take it out of the bag the entire time we were there. Oh well. This one of Monkey asleep when we arrived home is what you’re getting:


184: 30

I got home and discovered that the poppies I thought had finished blooming had a few more for me:

184: 29

So my mouse has gone crazy and decided that it wants me to stay at the bottom of every page. I’ll update to add today’s photo once I get it working, or get a new one.

Updated: Well, I didn’t get a new mouse or get mine working, but Firefly got a new wireless one for her computer so I am using her old one for the time being. Today’s photo is a book that I remember my mom reading to me. It was one of my favorites, and one I love to read to Monkey at bedtime:

184: 28

Just playing around with depth of field:

one more tonight

Just because insomnia is trying to be my BFF lately, and because I thought some of you might be interested in seeing this. If not, carry on about your business…

Remember that moon shot from the other night? Um…like last night? Because, you know, that was so long ago that you might have forgotten. Anyway, here it is again cropped in close so you can see the detail:

See how fuzzy it is in a lot of places? Look especially at the right side. Click on it and you can see it even better.

Well, tonight I went out and tried again, changing up my settings like my friend Amy recommended in a comment. Now look at this one:

SO much better. Look at that right side again and you can see all the craters. Plus it’s a much lovelier color, I think. The first one was taken with a tripod, the second was hand-held. Both of these are straight out of the camera, no sharpening or adjustments of any kind other than converting from RAW–the image posted the other day had some sharpening done, but I wanted to be able to compare apples to apples…or moons to moons, as it were. Pretty cool, yes?

Sometimes it’s good to have a creepy know-it-all for a friend.

Now I’m going to try to go to bed.

getting things done

So we’ve been a bit of a one car household since last Wednesday. Firefly went to leave for darts and her muffler got really loud. Luckily she was still on our street, so she came back home and took my car. She took a look at it, and it had rusted out right at the joint where the front attaches to the back. She did some looking into it and it was super expensive to take it anywhere, so she decided to just order a new one from the service center and replace it herself. The part came in so she picked it up on her way home, and this morning she went out and changed it. All fixed! She’s so awesome.

184: 27

My baby again. It’s hard not to use photos of him, he’s just so darn cute! This was in our kitchen this evening:



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