keeping busy

Well, how about a real update while I’m at it? We had a busy weekend, as usual. Saturday we were up early and headed out for a yummy breakfast and some errand running. Firefly and I got the permanent gate mounted at the basement stairs, which we were both happy to be done with. The gate we had up worked but wasn’t as secure as we wanted. Monkey took a nap while we were working on it, and then we went off to watch a friend’s football game. We met up with some other friends there and Monkey played with their kids and had a good time. We talked about going to meet up with some friends after, but Firefly’s back is giving her trouble again so she just wanted to stay home and spend some time on the couch with the heating pad, and I was more than happy to oblige.

Sunday was a full day as well. We were up and out of the house by 8:30, then Monkey and I napped on the couch for almost two hours! It was so nice. Softball was that afternoon so we went and hung out, although with Firefly’s back (and us running a little late because of the nap) she didn’t play. She’s got an appointment with the doctor to get it checked out tomorrow and I’m hoping they can get her fixed up.

Monkey is getting more mobile by the day. He’s now standing on his own for a few seconds at a time and is getting into everything! He loves anything that he can bang on that makes noise, so he’ll stand at the table or an empty kitty litter tub (don’t worry, we cleaned it!) and bang on the top with his hands, not to mention knocking over his cups and playing with a noisy little workbench. He’s laughing so much at things now, it’s awesome. I can’t believe he’s almost 8 months old already. Where is the time going?


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