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184: 62

We went to the park tonight so that I could play with my camera and my photography friend Pam, who you might remember I met up with at the zoo a while back. Bennder came along and she and Firefly went disc golfing baby-free while Pam and I went off with our cameras. She had a couple of amazing lenses her husband’s best friend loaned her, and she let me play with one of them. The good news is I got what I think are some pretty awesome shots. The bad news is I’m now suffering from a serious case of lens envy. I think I got some great shots of Pam’s daughter, which I’ll probably share in another post later. For now, though, how about these two? One of Monkey, of course, and another landscape-type shot:


184: 61

I love our kitties. They’re both so different, Chai is skittish around new people and is a standoffish little thing. Wally is a big lazy thing (which is funny considering he was a tiny little thing found abandoned by the river) who loves everyone, even if he’s never met them before. He’ll often plop right down on you, or on whatever you’re working on. He was a bit leery of Monkey at first, but now he’ll come in and plop himself down right by him, too. He’s been a bit neglected and will take his attention wherever he can get it:

184: 60

Along with getting the inside of Monkey’s closet painted, getting his too-small clothes washed and sorted so we can put them into storage, getting the child lock things on the under-sink and storage cabinets in the kitchen, and getting some unused things down to the basement, we also went grocery shopping today. I’m more of a nice and soft, yellow-with-a-bit-of-brown kind of girl myself, but this is how Firefly likes her bananas:

184: 59

We went over to Dee and Pia’s house to talk about some stuff for their upcoming wedding. We stayed and hung out for a bit after and just chatted. We haven’t been able to spend a lot of time hanging out with them this summer with them being busy with wedding planning and school and us being busy with our own things, so it was good to catch up. Monkey had a blast playing with a pot and some wooden spoons until he got very interested in something on their kitchen table:

184: 58

We had some fun playing with Monkey, even though he was up past his bedtime:

184: 57

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember the Sara project. If not and you’d like to see it, you can contact me and I’ll share the password with you if I know who you are. It was something I did for my friend as she dealt with breast cancer to try and keep her spirits up. I would take a photo of someone she knew signing “I love you” to her, then send them in the mail once or twice a week. Cancer just makes you feel so helpless, and it was one of the few things I felt I could do for her to show her just how loved she was. She passed away this past New Year’s Eve.

Today would have been Sara’s 36th birthday. In honor of that, a lot of people who knew her wore purple–her favorite color–to celebrate and remember her. Now, I should have pulled out my purple shirt last night when I was thinking about it, but I didn’t and so when I got dressed this morning still half asleep I just threw something on. Of course I did wear purple underwear, and while I think Sara would have gotten a pretty big kick out of that it was probably better that my mom had not only worn a purple skirt and sash, but was also wearing a purple pin that she let me wear:

I love you, Sara. You are always in my heart.

184: 56

We went to a resale shop today in search of a Halloween costume for Monkey. I know it’s early, but with the way stores are now, putting things out months in advance and running out of stock long before the holidays actually arrive we decided to see what was out there. We found one we really liked, but you’re going to have to wait to see what it is. Unless, of course, Firefly already texted you a picture of it, in which case you’ll have to wait to see it on him.

We also found Monkey a few new toys, one of which matches Mommy’s big toy. He already loves it, but he’s still too little for it so it’s in the basement waiting for the right time. Here it is next to hers:

It’s really nice, and all wood. We got it for $33.50, and when we got home Firefly decided to look around online just to see how much they normally go for. We knew it was a good deal, but yeah, this thing is usually over 200 bucks! That’s just craziness!


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