our weekend

We’ve had a lot going on this weekend. A friend of ours was burned pretty badly at work and has been in the hospital since Monday night, so we went to visit with her on Friday. It was good to see her and she’s being pretty positive, but it’s hard to see your friends in pain–even if they are on lots of stuff to help with that. She wasn’t allowed to walk but we took her outside in a wheelchair for about half an hour or so, which she was very happy about. We’re hoping she gets discharged tomorrow, but it may not be until Tuesday.

Saturday morning we ran a few errands, then went to celebrate a Dee’s birthday at their house in the afternoon. They have a pool and I had really wanted to swim, but there were storms that moved through and although it cleared up I was crampy and didn’t feel like getting in by the time they did. We got home at a decent hour–much more decent that we normally do for things like that–in order to get Monkey into bed and watch a game that a friend of ours and a few other acquaintances were playing in. It was one of those streamed things and they were having serious problems with their feed (no sound for the whole thing and pretty crappy video), but we were able to see most of it and listened to the second half on a sound feed that someone else had set up. They lost, which is always disappointing, but I’m glad we were able to watch. And, now we can hook Firefly’s laptop up to our television to watch things which is good, although the sound wasn’t feeding through even when we did actually have it, so we’ll have to see if we can figure that out.

Today we slept in, which was awesome. We also finally got my bookshelves–which were still in Monkey’s new room–all cleared off and moved to the basement, moved his shelf in from the new office, and got the new shelves moved into place in there. There are still some boxes of my things on the floor in his room, but we’ll be getting those out tomorrow and then his room will be just about set up–although we haven’t hung anything on the walls in there yet and his valances are still hanging over the windows in our office. Still, it was a lot of progress!


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