Monkey had his 9-month appointment today, and he measured in at 27 inches and just under 18 pounds, 10th percentile for both. It’s a little bit of a drop from last time, but not a huge deal and he’ll likely hit a growth spurt later on so no one is concerned–not to mention that this is the closest he’s had an appointment to the actual month mark in a long time. He’s pretty far ahead of the curve on his other development, which is great.

He’s been cruising the furniture like a madman and has taken a few steps here and there–mostly between the coffee table and couch or between me and Firefly–but has yet to really take off. It’s funny because so many people have said to just wait until that happens and then we’ll be in trouble, but with as much as he gets into as it crawling all over I’m not sure that it will honestly be that much of a difference. Is it really? It certainly won’t be as big as the difference between immobile infant and crawler.

He’s figured out how to back himself down off of the couch, which I may have mentioned before. Of course often he does so and realizes we’re still up there, so he’ll cry and reach out for us to lift him back up. In addition to the crawling down, he climbs up onto the bottom shelf of the coffee and side tables and we have to be careful about where we put our big floor pillows now or he’s up on the coffee table and trying to crawl away, which we discovered while playing on the floor.

Monkey also seems to be understanding what noses and mouths are. When I ask him “where’s mama’s nose?” he’ll reach out and grab onto it, and when I ask him where my mouth is he’ll reach out and grab my lips. This is a new development, within the last week I’d say, and although it may just be wishful thinking he does it correctly every time and certainly seems like he’s understanding it.

Babbling has also come to the forefront over the last week or so, and he will often have whole conversations with himself and his toys using many different sounds, although he has yet to try to put any one sound with a person or thing (not unexpectedly, as that’s likely a ways down the road). Still, it’s crazy how fast he’s developing, and so exciting!


2 Responses to “appointment”

  1. 1 strawberry August 17, 2010 at 9:06 am

    The biggest difference we’ve found between having a crawler and having a walker is ‘reach.’ Keep in mind, Miles is in the 80th or so percentile for height, so he can easily reach doorknobs and high table edges, etc. All of a sudden, we had to remove or protect anything that before was unreachable or unnoticeable to him.

    Also, he looooves walking, so he always wants to be down on the ground going places, and he does not always appreciate his hand being held. You can imagine that makes things difficult sometimes!

    • 2 bluedaisyus August 18, 2010 at 11:39 pm

      Ah yes, the reach. We’ve already lost the entire coffee table, even the middle isn’t safe anymore! Monkey is so active I can see him wanting to always be down and walk on his own, too. I can see how that might be problematic at times…

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