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184: 92

Remember that shot of Goodnight Moon from a while back? Monkey’s been working on that book a lot. Yeah:


184: 91

Monkey and I had a playdate tonight with my friend Pam and her family. We went over to their house and Monkey had a blast running around and getting into things with their three girls. We both got out our cameras for some playing of our own, although nothing too serious. Here’s one of his playdates:

Now, truth be told I can’t remember for sure if I took this shot since I handed my camera off so Pam could check out the lens I had on and she snapped a couple, and this was taken right after one I know she took but right before one I know I took. So, in the interest of guaranteeing that these 184 photos are all ones I’ve taken myself, how about this one of Monkey playing peek-a-boo with Pam’s husband, who was in the kitchen:

You can see another of his playdates peeking in the background. Now, looking at this one I’d say that either I took both, or we have very similar shooting styles. Either of which is a distinct possibility.

184: 90

This clock sits on a shelf tucked away in the corner of our living room. I often forget about it, then it will catch my attention again. The batteries are long dead. The funny thing is that one of the reflections on the glass here is a painting of clocks. I’m sure you’d recognize it:

184: 89

The theme for a photo of the week I sometimes participate in is “miniature,” and I thought this fit although I’m not sure if I’ll actually submit it. I love this little thing, although I grieve every time I think of how it came into my possession. A few springs ago–four to be exact–Firefly’s second cousin was killed in a train/car collision, along with another little girl. They were both just five years old. He had a collection of little cars, and at their funeral his parents–Firefly’s cousin and her husband–had everyone pick one to take home with them to remember him by. Mine was picked for me by his brother. It lives on my desk:

This is what I wrote in my old blog after we returned home from the funeral:

five years, three months, four days

should not come
in sizes so small,
and they should never
come in pairs.
and the awful truth is
i know that they come
in sizes

184: 88

I wasn’t sure what to take a photo of, so I wandered around the house for a bit after Monkey was in bed. I decided this was interesting. It’s a very small part of a large reproduction we’ve got hanging in our living room:

184: 87

We spent some time cleaning up the patio, Monkey was happy to be outside for a bit with his little push car thing, zooming all over the place:

184: 86

Monkey likes to eat. He especially likes to feed himself. That makes for a messy boy:

Don’t worry, Monkey. You’re still the cutest boy I know.

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