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184: 123

Well, yesterday’s appointment was a bit surreal. It’s quite different being on the other side of this scenario. It went pretty well, though–nothing out of the ordinary, at least. I did have a bit of cramping after, but that’s normal. Now there’s nothing to do but wait.

So while we’re waiting we’re working on other things. We got a new storm door for the one that’s been broken for ages and got it up yesterday, and today Firefly went outside where some stucco was repaired during our bathroom remodel and never got painted. She got a first coat up over the area that was repaired and we’ll get another on the whole wall at once later. I got some cleaning done in the kitchen and kept Monkey occupied while she was out there. After she finished she took a nap while I got in some cuddle time with Monkey before dinner. For dessert we had this:


184: 122

“I’m helping!”

184: 121

Monkey really likes to play with remotes. Firefly found this one at a garage sale for a quarter over the summer, brought it home and cleaned it up for him. Lately he likes to point it at the TV and push all the buttons:

okay, i know

I am very behind on my posts. Add together a sniffly baby who can’t sleep well and an insomniac mama and that will happen. I’ve been a bit sniffly myself the last couple of days, and on Wednesday night I actually went to bed a full 3 HOURS before I usually do–and I’m still exhausted. I promise I have photos and will get things updated very soon, but I did want to let you know that Firefly and I have an appointment in the morning. A Very Important Appointment. So send good thoughts and wish us luck and all that jazz. Cool? Cool.

184: 120

Getting ready for trick-or-treating:

184: 119

Monkey got his birthday present from his Grandma and Grandpa Firefly–he needed it for trick-or-treating!

184: 118

It was a rainy day here. I shot this through my windshield as I was getting ready to leave work:

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