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I know, I know…another one. But this guy is 11 months old today. How could I not share a photo of him? I certainly couldn’t bring myself to wake him just so I could take a photo to post. If you look closely above his left eye you can see the mark from his run-in with the coffee table last night. It looks a lot better than I was afraid it might from the welt that was there:


getting ready to go

I’ll get the rest of the photos up from this weekend tomorrow, but I wanted to give a real update.

We had an awesome time on vacation this weekend, and I can’t wait to make it an annual thing with Monkey. It’s always a fun trip, and with some of the group this is really the only time during the year we see them. There are a few people we’d really like to see much more often, but…well, we haven’t. We need to be better about that, but lately it seems that unless someone calls us to invite us to do something we’re perfectly happy to spend our time at home playing with the boy.

In addition to vacation, this weekend also brought CD1. I’ll start testing soon so–assuming I don’t miss it like I did last month on the test run–we’ll be going in to start trying for number 2 within the next few weeks. I think I started testing too late last month; I meant to start a few days earlier than I did, but I got mixed up so it didn’t happen the way I had planned. It’s crazy that we’re already here. It seems like Monkey was just born, and now we’re getting ready to try again.

Part of me is hoping that we’re one of the lucky ones who go in once and walk away with a beautiful babe, and part of me is terrified that we will, as horrible as that may sound. Or that we’ll walk away with two. My father was a twin, although his was stillborn and I didn’t actually find that out until the last year or so, and we found out after Firefly was pregnant that our donor actually has twin brothers. Everyone keeps saying “oh, don’t worry, they skip a generation…” and then they realize it already did with my father. I know the chances aren’t really that high, it’s more likely to run in families on the maternal side, we don’t know of any others in my family (although I don’t know much of my family history and virtually nothing on my father’s side), and we’ve opted to start without meds, but still. Obsess much? I’m ridiculous, really.

Okay, I’m going to stop thinking about it now.

Oh, and for those who aren’t following on a reader and didn’t see them pop up, last week I got the photos up that I’d missed previously so if you’re interested scroll back a bit to see them. Once I get this weekend posted I’ll be all caught up.

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