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This evening Firefly and I took Monkey over to Pam’s house to try to get a good photo for our holiday cards, and to take some posed shots of him for his one year since we haven’t really had a chance to do it. We’ve scheduled it and had to cancel a couple of times, and I’m so glad we were finally able to make it happen! I brought my lights and we used her setup, and all in all it was a pretty awesome combination. I got some really good shots, I think. I haven’t decided which to use for our card (and even if I had I probably wouldn’t share since some of you are going to get your own in the mail), but here’s a cute little out-take from the card photos:


I made it!

NaBloPoMo is officially over after today, and I made it through with at least one post every day, even when we were out of town. Which isn’t that great of a feat, I suppose, considering I’ve been doing the daily photos, but since I don’t always get them posted the day of (in fact I’m still missing a few that I need to get posted) and I did manage to actually post at least once every day without backdating or scheduling a post ahead I’ll take it.

I’ll have a photo posted for today later this evening, but right now I need to go attend to a screaming Monkey…

184: 152

I wish I really knew how to use this thing:

As it is I just make a fool of myself at parties. Oh, well. Maybe it would help if I actually got it out once in a while instead of letting it collect dust on a shelf…

184: 151

Today’s favorite:

not so nice.

Well, we went in this morning for our second attempt and it was not nearly as nice as the first time. Not that the first time was that nice to begin with. This time it was downright painful. I’m never very good with those things to begin with, and the speculum was uncomfortable and pinched a bit the first time–although as soon as I made a noise he adjusted it to make it a little better. This time was worse, and the actual catheter OMG. Please, please let this time work so I don’t have to go through that again.

184: 149

Well, someone is having a really hard time going to bed and is fighting it all the way. He was asleep on me in the living room until I tried to put him in his crib, which of course woke him right up. So, I have a photo but I’ll have to come back and update this post once I manage to get him to sleep…

184: 148

Someone found Mama’s sunglasses today. Yeah, he’s a cool dude:

Man, I just love him so much. Also, today I am thankful for a wife who will give me an injection in my belly without blinking an eye because I’m too chicken to do it myself.

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