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happy holidays

Well, I think everyone I actually mailed this card to–at least those that read this thing–should have gotten it by now, so here’s the blog version:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Big thanks to Pam, who designed the card for us using photos I took at her house. Thanks so much, and thanks for letting me use your backdrops. You’re awesome!


184: 169

Yes, I’m still taking photos. Yes, I’ve been really bad about posting them.

I checked in on Monkey a little while ago and this is what I found:


I wanted to say thanks to everyone for your comments on this past cycle. We’ve decided that the best thing for us is to wait this cycle out and try again in January, when my FSA will take effect and the stress of the holidays is over. I’m feeling okay about it, and I think it’s the right decision even though emotionally I don’t want it to be. But, on the plus side I’ll be able to have a drink (or four…) on New Year’s Eve without stressing about it, and we’ll be able to focus on what’s important over the holidays: Monkey.


We haven’t had internet for the last few days. Our router did end up dying, and along with replacing that we also switched providers rather suddenly–we’ve been talking about changing our service for a while and looked into our options, and decided to make the change now. We’ll be paying about $40 less a month for essentially the same services, actually somewhat improved in some respects, and that’s always a good thing.

For those of you who are following along with the babywatch, this cycle did not work. I got a negative test yesterday morning and finally started this cycle this morning–two days later than my longest cycle since I’ve been tracking (which is a long time) and four days longer than my average. I’m really, really disappointed, and frustrated with myself for getting so hopeful and falling for the mind tricks my body was playing.

Firefly and I still need to do some talking, but we may be taking this cycle off. We’ll be visiting Firefly’s parents for Christmas, and of course that would be the weekend of the next try. IF the timing is exactly the same as this past cycle it would mean a Monday morning try and we’ll be coming home Sunday evening, but we just don’t know. While I would like to say let’s go for it and see, we just don’t know with such a tight window if it’s worth the $200+ we’d have to pay out of pocket for the U/S I’d need to know for sure, with all the other expenses this month–and each subsequent try–brings. Granted it wouldn’t be the ~1k of a full cycle since we could save the vial for the following month and obviously wouldn’t have the insem itself, but it’s an expensive “maybe.” The other half of the trigger that I didn’t use on this last cycle would go to waste since it has to be used within 30 days of being mixed, but the ONE part of this that my insurance is actually good for is the meds so we’d only be out $5. Logically it makes sense to skip it. I just don’t know that I want to emotionally. That part of me is screaming that EVERY month we try is an expensive maybe, and why give up on this one when there’s a chance?

And now I’m going to go. I’m discovering that I’m a lot more upset about this than I realized.

184: 160

Well, I thought our router died last night, but then it seemed to revive itself so we’ll see. Everything is running smoothly so far tonight…

I brought something into the house for Firefly. And I hid it. And apparently I hid it so well it was also hidden to me. So I mentioned to her tonight that I had brought something into the house and couldn’t remember where it was…and she laughed at me. Good thing I didn’t tell her I also couldn’t remember what it was that I had hidden. But! I have now found it again! And obviously now remember what it was. Sigh.

Anyway, this is what I have for you tonight. Not a photo of said object, since she does read this blog relatively regularly, but of a chore:

sorry. again.

I’ve been a terrible poster since December started. I have no excuse other than we’ve been really busy and I haven’t been feeling well. Again. I’ve been a little stuffy the last couple of days, and my neck has been really stiff, so when we’ve had downtime I’ve been lazy lounging on the couch. And I’ve had a few other things going on that I’m trying not to read too much into seeing as how I’m only 8 days into the two week wait. Sigh. I do have photos, and I promise I’m going to get all caught up. Just not tonight.

I’ll give you three guesses.

Who has pink eye in not one but both eyes? I’ll give you a hint. Me. It sucks! I’ve been using antibiotic drops since yesterday early afternoon, and so far Firefly and Monkey are showing no signs. I’m really hoping neither of them gets it, and I have no idea where I got it. No fun. No fun at all.

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