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We went in to the pediatrician’s office to follow up on yesterday’s trip to the urgent care–not to his regular one, who was not in today, but the same one that saw him when he had the masto.iditis. The nurse checked his blood oxygen level and then the doctor came in. She listened to his chest and back and started him on a breathing treatment, then said she’d be back and left the room. When she came back she told us that she had gone to look at the x-rays and paperwork the urgent care had sent over because it didn’t sound like bronc.hiolitis to her, and sure enough she was right. He actually has pne.umonia that she could see on the x-ray, which may be why today he didn’t even seem like he had been treated at all–although he did seem to be having an easier time breathing right after the inhaler tube thing. She was pretty frustrated that they had missed it and that he was never actually seen by a doctor, only by a nurse practitioner. If they had realized it at the urgent care they could have started him on antibiotics then instead of him going almost another 24 hours with no treatment for it.
So anyway, they gave him a second breathing treatment, a shot of antibiotics in his leg, and sent us home with a loaner nebulizer and meds that we have to use every 4 hours. It takes longer but he’s much less resistant to it than the tube and even fell asleep on my wife during the treatments so hopefully tonight will go smoothly for me since she’s at work. Last night was NOT fun on my own. They said I can even leave him in bed and just hold it up by his face while he sleeps and that’s fine, as long as the loud ass machine doesn’t wake him, of course. Tomorrow morning we (or possibly just my wife since I also have to go in to get blood drawn) will be taking him back in to see his regular pediatrician, get a second shot of antibiotics, and see how he’s doing and if he needs to continue on the nebulizer. My dad’s going to come over again and watch him for the late morning/afternoon so my wife can sleep and I don’t have to miss more work than necessary since he definitely can’t go back to daycare yet. I just want my happy crazy baby back!


and again.

So, we ended up taking Monkey to urgent care this evening. He’s got bronc.hiolitis. He got a little fever last night and then today was all sleepy, kind of like before, and had a little bit of a cough and was breathing a little…quickly, I guess? He didn’t seem bothered by it, but it was making me nervous. He was still drinking fine–like I’d wake him up every once in a while and give him something, or he’d wake up and point at his cup and sign “more,” so he was staying hydrated. We’d already decided that we were going to call tomorrow morning if he still had a little fever after our scare last time, even though it would have only been one day, and since he was just in the hospital a few weeks ago.

So then late afternoon/early evening he wouldn’t drink anything, like I offered him the cup and he pushed it away. I got him to eat some of a frozen ice thing, which he seemed to like and kept asking for more of. And then he threw it up all over me. I took him into the bathroom and Firefly cleaned him up while I changed my shirt. We tried to give him a little medicine, but he threw that up, too. So we took him in.

They gave him two breathing treatments and ster.oids, and did an x-ray that I had to wait in another room during just in case, since I might be pregnant and all (here’s hoping, right?), but I could hear him crying through the door and it broke my heart even though I knew Firefly was with him. By the time we left, though, he was up and walking around the room, pointing at everything, and wanting to eat the snacks in his bag. He did a little playing when we got home, but then mostly wanted to cuddle until bed.

I’ve got to wake him in a few minutes to do a treatment with an inhaler and tube thing, whatever it’s called, and I’ll have to do it again at 3:45 in the morning and 7:45–although Firefly will be home around that time so at least I’ll have help. Poor guy. We’ll be calling the pedi in the morning and my dad will probably be coming over to watch him after so that I can go to work since I missed today, but we’ll see what happens. I hope we don’t have to do this again for a long, long time!

not too bad.

Well, this visit was a bit more pleasant than the last, at least as far as these things go. And it was a nice high count–higher than it’s been, and closer to what it was (although not quite as high, I think) as when Firefly was trying. Still, even though it was a better experience, I’d rather not go through it again. Let’s hope it works!

My dad came over and watched Monkey while we went to the appointment and then while Firefly slept. Monkey’s been signing “more” a lot, and my dad got such a kick out of it that Monkey got him to feed him 6 clementines. He was sooooo happy! He loves those things, although we try to limit them to one or two a day since they’re so acidic and can wreak havoc on his little bum later.

Not much other than that really happening. We did get a snowstorm that came through today and is supposed to bring a little more yet. I was hoping that Firefly’s work would close, but no such luck. Which I figured, but still. It would have been nice. I’m not looking forward to my commute in the morning, I’m hoping they’ve got things cleared up by then. It usually takes me about 20 minutes tops to get home, but today it took me an hour–even longer if you count the 15 minutes I spent scraping my car before I could head out!

and here we go again.

So Monkey is back to 100%, running around like crazy and babbling his little head off–although he’s still not really talking, at least nothing that we can definitively say is meant to be something in particular. He is doing a bit of signing, though, which warms my heart.

Also, in the midst of all this getting-back-to-normal we now find ourselves smack in the middle of the next cycle of trying for number 2. I started the cycle the night Monkey went into the hospital, which was oh so lovely as I’m sure you can imagine. So a round of Cl.omid leads us to today, when I went in for the U/S to see where I am. I have two very lovely follies: one at 20mm on the left and another at 35mm on the right. Due to a snafu with the company that I have to go through to get the trigger, it isn’t getting to our house until…tomorrow. And I had to trigger tonight. That meant having the RE call in to a local place where I am not covered, and I had to pay the full amount instead of my $10 to the other place (which, incidentally, I’ve also paid, along with the rest of the amount while the company decides if they’re going to accept the pre-auth from the RE’s office). In any event, I got it today from the local place and Firefly gave me the shot before leaving for work tonight. Thursday morning we’ll be heading in to the office for try #3.

And that’s the news.

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