on the mend.

Well, as it turns out, we found out Friday that Monkey tested positive for R.SV after a swab at his Thursday follow up. Which means, really, that getting him on meds any earlier really wouldn’t have done any good anyway. Firefly and I both ended up extremely ill as well, so the weekend was spent with all three of us sleeping in various arrangements on the living room furniture. Monday Monkey was sort of awake for parts of the day and seemed to be breathing easier finally, although he spent the entire day cuddling with us even when he was awake. He did get up in the evening and play for a bit, so that was a good sign. Yesterday he was back to almost his usual self: playing most of the day, waiting until late to nap, and giving Firefly a run for her money. He’s got a cough he just can’t shake, but other than that today was a good day for him.

I haven’t had a voice for the last three days and am finally starting to sound like a normal person today. My cough–like Monkey’s–is still hanging on, but it’s not nearly what it’s been over the past few days. Firefly is also almost back to her usual self, although she’s still really tired and having some issues with her eyes bothering her. Between the two of us we’ve gone thorough an entire box of tissues and then some.

The one good thing about all this is that the two week wait has FLOWN by. I test in the morning. I’m not holding out high hopes for this one and haven’t had any kind of symptoms to speak of, but I’ve also been so sick that I probably wouldn’t have noticed anything, and I haven’t really felt any signs of other things either, so who knows. I’ll reserve final judgement for the morning.


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