hello hello.

We were out of town for a bit this weekend without internet access, and then last night I didn’t get a chance to update, but the H.SG went okay on Friday. Everything looks okay, smooth walls and nothing unusual to speak of. My left tube was clear and open right off the bat, although the right took a bit longer for the contrast to flow. They didn’t see any blockages, so it may have been something small or just the way the fluid was moving, but either way it eventually went as well. It was seriously uncomfortable, even with the four ibu.profen I took beforehand, and I was still crampy and spotting Friday evening.

Even with the discomfort Firefly and I had a really nice night out on Friday evening while my parents spent some time at our house with Monkey. Saturday we were in Firefly’s hometown to see her best friend’s daughter in a play and then stayed over with them. We were going to spend the night at Firefly’s parents’ house even though they were actually in our town for the night, but apparently we grabbed the wrong keys so we couldn’t get in. Oops. It all worked out, though, and we all had a great time.

I hope everyone who celebrates had a lovely holiday today. I went to bed last night (which was technically today) to find a card and a bag of dark chocolate truffles on my nightstand from my wife. Tonight I left rehearsal early to come home and spend some time with Firefly and Monkey before she went to work–I can’t sing anyway right now with my voice the way it is and this cough still hanging on–and also to sneak a box of chocolates and two cards (one from me and one from Monkey) onto her driver’s seat so she’d find them when she left for work.


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