Thanks, everybody, for your comments on my last post. I had my follow up U/S with the RE today and we are out for this cycle. After 5 more days the largest follie I have is 16mm, which means it only grew another 3mm, and my lining is starting to not look so good. So now we have some decisions to make about how to proceed with the next cycle.

In better news, we had a great weekend away at Firefly’s parents’ place. Her mom’s birthday was Sunday so we all went up to celebrate with her. We went up on Friday and Bennder and GOB came up on Saturday and joined us. Her parents had lots of fun playing with Monkey, and we had fun not worrying about anything, playing cards, and I’ll admit I had a bit of wine on Saturday with Bennder, GOB, and Firefly’s mom. We stayed until pretty late on Sunday evening since Firefly is on first shift this week, so we didn’t need to rush back for her to get to work on time. I had today off for the holiday, so I took the boy and headed out. We went and had lunch with my sister, then spent the afternoon at the conservatory with my camera.

Also, Monkey’s 15-month check up last Friday was great. He’s still 10th percentile for both height and weight (which is actually a slight improvement in height, which was 5-10th last time), but the pedi is very happy with his trajectory since he’s following along his curve quite nicely and isn’t jumping or dropping suddenly. Monkey still doesn’t really have any words to speak of other than “mama,” at least not that we’ve been able to definitively identify, but that’s nothing to worry about yet. He does clearly understand a lot of things, points to what he wants, and has some signs, so we’re able to communicate with him pretty well and the talking will come.


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