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I’m out.

Well, I knew I’d be lucky if I made it to my Sunday testing date. Turns out I’m not so lucky and I certainly didn’t have the luck of the Irish for my St. Pat’s insem. Which I suppose is only fitting since I’m not Irish. I’ve felt it coming for the last four days so I’m not really surprised I guess. So, on to the next round.


it’s coming!

Spring, that is…

But not in full until after we get a bit more snow, apparently. Sigh.


I am so sore today. Really I’m beyond sore, I’m in some serious pain. I’m almost too embarrassed to tell you what happened, but I’m going to do it anyway since those of you that actually know me and saw me in person this weekend got to hear it anyway so if that applies to you, feel free to skip this next part…

So yesterday was a very nice day around these parts, and Firefly and I decided to take advantage of it and do a bit of cleaning up outside as well as move our patio furniture back out since we’ll hopefully be using it soon –next Saturday if the weather’s nice, for anyone that does actually know me and knows where we live, since it’s my birthday and all so we’ll be celebrating with games and such at my house and you should come! So anyway, Monkey had his little broom, which he is obsessed with (which was actually just a regular-sized broom), and I had the big push broom. I was sweeping up leaves while he dragged his around and had a grand old time. So I was trying to clean out from the corner and I’m not sure exactly what happened, but next thing I knew I was standing with one foot in the window well and the other on the patio, clutching the broom and in excruciating pain on my backside, among other places. I’ll leave that to your imagination, but suffice it to say that I am short and the window well is…well, not. I also managed to scrape up the side of my leg, although it didn’t leave any visible marks other than some redness right after, and my shoulders and back are bad from trying to catch myself. I actually had to have Firefly come help me out because I couldn’t do it on my own. I mean, seriously, who does something like that? I mean besides me? We’ve got ONE window well on our entire house, which I’ve lived in for what, six years now? And there’s a raised lip to the well that I had to have just perfectly stepped OVER to even step in. Now, I am not someone who bruises easily. I mean, I gave myself shots in my belly for two whole weeks without a single tiny bruise, and even when I have to get stuck four times when I’m going for blood draws because I have notoriously bad veins I walk away with nothing to show for it. I bang my shins constantly but you’d never know. But right now? My butt? Oh my goodness it looked fine when I went to bed last night even though it hurt like crazy, but today it is dark purple and looks like someone took a baseball bat and gave it a really good whack. NOT FUN. And it is making sitting not much fun either.

But you know what was fun? This weekend. Other than my behind. We went to Bennder and GOB’s house yesterday evening for a belated patty’s day party, where we hung out and played games and Monkey was his usual charming get-into-everything self. Today we got up early and I spent an hour teaching a group of high schoolers to sign the Lor.d’s Pra.yer (which was a lot more fun than I thought it might be), and then we headed to a birthday party for a soon-to-be-two year old. It was tons of fun, there was good food and lots of playing and bubbles in the yard, and a delicious cake, but the best part was that I got to see some people that I haven’t seen in ages but have dearly missed. We chatted and played, too, and made promises to call and make plans to meet up and I really hope it happens soon. Sometimes, now that parenting is my primary function when I’m not at work and I can’t just act in a show or go out to a bar to meet up with folks, I feel like we’ve let our friendships slide a little bit and I really want and need for us to make some time for that, too. Luckily most of our friends love kids and are more than willing to do kid-friendly things like go to the zoo–we just need to be more proactive about making it happen.

And now I need to go to bed because my butt is not liking me sitting.

forgive me?

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I know. I promise to be better, I’ve had a lot going on and my mind is running at about a million miles per hour. Plus I’ve got a kitty that doesn’t want me to type, she just wants me to pay attention to her and it’s hard not to oblige. Things are going okay with the inje.ctables cycle and I’ll try to give a more in-depth update on how it all went later, but suffice it to say I have an appointment in the morning for an insem.

In the meantime my mind has been filled with thoughts of my friend Brandi, who I know from a private photography forum I’m a moderator on. Her husband passed away yesterday after a long illness and I’m heartbroken for her. She has been (and will continue to be) such an inspiration, with her openness about their situation, and the positivity and love she’s shared with us through both the private board and her public blog. My friend Amy also wrote about the gift that we were able to give them through the generosity of so many people that my heart is overflowing. You can read her account here. So send a little thought Brandi’s way as you read this, for her and her daughter Kate; give your loved ones an extra kiss, call your mothers and your fathers to tell them you love them, and hold those babies tight. I love you.

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