not exactly the weekend we had planned…

On Friday morning the alarm went off on our backup sump pump, so we called for the company that installed them to come out and fix things. At around 11:30 I called my dad, who was at our house with Monkey. He said the alarm hadn’t gone off again, but went to check…and didn’t even make it to the basement because he could see water from the top of the stairs. I told my boss and rushed home, then spent two hours getting anything I could UP off the floor. The guy finally showed up around 1:30, and he replaced our main sump and pumped the water out of the basement. It was miserable. Firefly got home from work a little after 3 and Bean came over to hang out with Monkey so that we could clean without worrying about him. Luckily most of what we had down there was in plastic tubs or up off of the floor so we didn’t lose too much and as far as I can tell nothing of real value, but we did lose some. The worst part is that the laminate floor we installed last summer in half of the basement is ruined and we’ll need to pull it up.

On top of that we had a small group of people coming to our house for dinner on Saturday night, so Bennder took Monkey to the movies to give us more time to focus on cleaning up more of the basement and also to get ready for having people over. Dinner was a lot of fun and we ended up sitting up until around 1am, then cleaned up a little after everyone left and finally went to bed around 2. Today we kept busy, and SOMEONE refused to nap and didn’t go to bed until his normal bedtime. I’m exhausted.


1 Response to “not exactly the weekend we had planned…”

  1. 1 meegs1982 January 30, 2012 at 10:19 am

    Ugh. Sorry about the sump pump problem. That’s the worst.

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