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lower down, and back up.

Well, things got a little worse here last week. Firefly and I spent Tuesday morning at urgent care only to find out that she had pneumonia–and not one, but two separate infections. She went back to work today but was totally exhausted. Then on Friday I took Monkey to the pedi because we could tell that he had a double ear infection (he still has his tubes and both ears were leaking), and he also had tonsillitis–but his lungs were clear, which is good, obviously. I was a little worried because he’s been coughing and it sounded a little wet and we would have hated for him to come down with pneumonia too. But we’re all finally on the mend after 2+ weeks of illness, so things are looking up.

As far as this cycle goes, so far so good. I went in today for a follie check, I’ve got at least two good ones on each side. So, more injections tonight through Wednesday and I’ll go back on Thursday morning for another check. I’m guessing we’re have an insem either Saturday or Sunday as long as things continue to look good.

Today was a holiday for me at work, so I took Monkey to daycare and headed to the conservatory with my camera for some much needed time alone together. I’ll try to share a shot or two from my recent trips soon.


rough times.

It’s been a rough few weeks here. First the flooded basement, then I got sick and spent three days sleeping off a fever and a nasty bug, which I gave to my mom, my dad, and Firefly. My poor mom had the fever last weekend and never quite recovered, and the fever came back this weekend. Thankfully Monkey seems to have managed to escape the worst of it; he’s got a runny nose and an ear infection, as well as the cough that has overtaken all of us, but he didn’t get the fever and has been, for the most part, his normal mischievous self. None of it seems to be bothering him much other than waking him a couple of nights, I think from the ear infection, and we’ve able to get him back to sleep quickly.

And then Saturday afternoon I started my cycle, which I’ll admit I knew was coming because I got a little obsessed this cycle and decided to get some cheap tests to see if I could test out the trigger. I wasn’t supposed to test until Sunday but I tested again on Friday and got a negative. So, yesterday was officially CD1 since it was my first full day. Tomorrow morning I go in for day 3 bloodwork and a baseline U/S and we start all over again. I don’t know. I’m trying to stay positive, but today I’m just feeling discouraged.

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