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My wallet is found! It was in my mom’s car after all, so I have it back in my possession. I’m so happy and relieved!

The passport was fine as ID for the thaw this morning, so everything went smoothly. I’m so glad I realized that I didn’t have it last night so I could get everything prepared in advance instead of panicking this morning. I used the hour in between signing the release and my appointment to go to the bank (the money kind) to get some cash so I had something, since I at that point I still didn’t know where my wallet was. The IUI was okay. Not too bad, not as uncomfortable as some have been and it was okay going by myself although obviously I would have preferred it if Firefly could have been there with me. I did have some mild cramping this morning and have felt a little bloated, for lack of a better word, which was no fun but it’s eased up. It was my RE this morning instead of one of the other doctors, which was nice. Also, the motile count? 23.1 million, which is awesome and well over double what they guarantee per vial. I’ll start the prog.esterone tomorrow and other than that there’s nothing to do but wait and hope for one sticky baby.

Also today, Monkey is off with Firefly’s parents for a visit. They came and had a nice dinner with us and then headed out of town. They’re taking him to see a show tomorrow and Firefly will drive up after work on Thursday to pick him up; I think she’s staying the night and coming home on Friday. It was kind of nice having the rest of the evening just the two of us, although all we did was watch TV that wasn’t kid friendly. I miss him already, though. It’s so strange not to have him here, not to be doing his bedtime routine and reading “Brown Bear Brown Bear” and “Mr. Brown Can Moo” to him before tucking him in and giving him hugs and kisses. Thursday is going to be really strange to be home completely by myself. At least it gives us time to get the house ready since we’re having people over on Saturday evening to celebrate birthdays (mine and Bean’s). That should keep us occupied. We do have some other potential plans tomorrow evening, but I think we’re going to skip out on it.


happy birthday to me.

Well today is my birthday, and as it turns out it was the only day this cycle that I didn’t have to do anything as far as this whole baby-making process goes. No shots, no blood draws, no IUI, no proge.sterone. I triggered last night and tomorrow morning I go in for the IUI. I’m going by myself since Firefly couldn’t take the day off, which I’m not looking forward to but it is what it is. I also managed to lose my wallet tonight, which I’m pretty sure is somewhere in my house and may be the victim of a curious toddler, but it has caused quite a bit of panic here. Of course it means that I don’t have my driver’s license or my FSA credit card. After much searching I realized that I got two cards from the FSA so I dug the second one out, which means I can pay, and I got my passport out of the lockbox so I have some ID to sign for the thaw release. Of course my passport has my old last name on it, so I had to also find the court decree for that. Luckily I knew where it was, so I’m hoping that will all be acceptable proof of who I am and it doesn’t cause any issues tomorrow, because that is the last thing I need: more stress with this whole thing.

There’s not much I can do about it otherwise at this point. I’m exhausted and we’ve looked everywhere that we can think to for my wallet. We searched the house and the car, I called the restaurant my parents took me to for lunch and called my parents to see if they had seen it since they drove. I even went back to work to see if perhaps I had left it there even though I have a distinct recollection of making sure I had it because I knew I’d need it. I didn’t stop anywhere other than daycare to pick up Monkey so that’s really the last place to check, but I can’t do that until the morning when I drop him off. I’m hoping it turns up tomorrow.

There isn’t much else really happening here. Oh, but I did lose 20lbs before my birthday, which is awesome. And we’re still working on our kitchen plan, the design is close to being finalized other than a wall turning out to be concrete that we weren’t expecting, but it’s just affecting one area and we think we figured out what we’re doing to work around it. We’re hoping to start sometime in the next month or so and have already torn some tile down and gotten a bit of a start (which is how we discovered the concrete wall). So, that’s pretty exciting for us. Hopefully we’ll have some other news soon, yes?

back to square one.

Yesterday was technically day one of my new cycle. I think, based on the testing I did, that I may have had a pregnancy (CP). I went in for an U/S today to make sure that I didn’t have any cysts from this cycle, which I don’t, but I ended up telling the RE about the testing. He said that although we don’t know for sure there’s a good argument to be made that it may have been a CP. He said he knows it’s frustrating and he’s frustrated too, because on paper everything looks good. My tests have all come back fine, my levels are looking good every cycle, we’re having good results from the meds, we’ve had two successes even though they were followed closely by losses.

So, here’s the plan: we’re trying one more time with Foll.istim because I still have the meds from last cycle as I had already ordered them but didn’t end up needed to use them because I had enough left from the cycle before. Even though I have coverage for meds it takes forever to get approval for them so switching now would mean us paying ourselves and trying to get reimbursement, and since I still have the other meds this is the most practical way to go about it. We’re changing up my protocol to try and stimulate a little differently without over stimulating based on how I’ve responded before. We want this to work, but not TOO well. In the meantime they’re getting the paperwork in place so that if it doesn’t work, we can switch meds next cycle and hopefully avoid any delays or OOP expense beyond my co-pays.

That’s where things stand on the TTC front. In the meantime we’ve decided to stop waiting on our kitchen remodel and do it now, starting within the next month or two. It’s the last big project in the house and really needs done, and it’s going to be hard enough with one toddler in the house; putting it off likely means another year or two when we will hopefully have two little ones running around. We’ve had lots of brainstorming and the design is pretty much set. We’ve gotten quotes for a couple of different cabinet brands and have settled on one and have a timeline of when to expect things once we order. It’s going to be very different, but the big things are staying really close to where they are so it means very little moving of water and electric, most of that will be connecting things up and adding wiring for more outlets. We’ve decided to pay the extra to have the cabinets installed because the money it will cost is worth it in reduced stress and work for us. We bought the new stove today, which was the last appliance to be replaced, and we’ll be tearing out that area and putting in a temporary setup after a party we’re having at the end of the month.

It gives us something else to focus on. I’m going to take some before photos soon so that we can keep a record of our progress.

keepin’ on.

Well, I did have one more dose on Thursday, with a trigger on Friday and last Sunday was the insem. Since them things have been pretty good. Everyone is finally feeling good. I won an i.Pad on Tuesday (no, I’m not kidding and my blog hasn’t been taken over, I really did). On Saturday Monkey and I made another trip to the conservatory and had lunch with a friend of mine and her littlest, and then during his afternoon nap time he climbed out of his crib–actually, he climbed up onto the rail and was riding it like a pony, so this past Sunday his crib became a big boy bed and he’s been happily sleeping in it since.

I went yesterday for my blood draw and then did the booster last night. I think I might be a crazy lady again this week to try to test out the trigger, perhaps with the faint hope of seeing it get darker and turn into an early positive. Plus it would be nice to see one by next weekend instead of waiting the full ten days they say to until next Thursday to test. On the other hand, I could just end up seeing those negatives once it tests out. Only time will well.

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