My wallet is found! It was in my mom’s car after all, so I have it back in my possession. I’m so happy and relieved!

The passport was fine as ID for the thaw this morning, so everything went smoothly. I’m so glad I realized that I didn’t have it last night so I could get everything prepared in advance instead of panicking this morning. I used the hour in between signing the release and my appointment to go to the bank (the money kind) to get some cash so I had something, since I at that point I still didn’t know where my wallet was. The IUI was okay. Not too bad, not as uncomfortable as some have been and it was okay going by myself although obviously I would have preferred it if Firefly could have been there with me. I did have some mild cramping this morning and have felt a little bloated, for lack of a better word, which was no fun but it’s eased up. It was my RE this morning instead of one of the other doctors, which was nice. Also, the motile count? 23.1 million, which is awesome and well over double what they guarantee per vial. I’ll start the prog.esterone tomorrow and other than that there’s nothing to do but wait and hope for one sticky baby.

Also today, Monkey is off with Firefly’s parents for a visit. They came and had a nice dinner with us and then headed out of town. They’re taking him to see a show tomorrow and Firefly will drive up after work on Thursday to pick him up; I think she’s staying the night and coming home on Friday. It was kind of nice having the rest of the evening just the two of us, although all we did was watch TV that wasn’t kid friendly. I miss him already, though. It’s so strange not to have him here, not to be doing his bedtime routine and reading “Brown Bear Brown Bear” and “Mr. Brown Can Moo” to him before tucking him in and giving him hugs and kisses. Thursday is going to be really strange to be home completely by myself. At least it gives us time to get the house ready since we’re having people over on Saturday evening to celebrate birthdays (mine and Bean’s). That should keep us occupied. We do have some other potential plans tomorrow evening, but I think we’re going to skip out on it.


2 Responses to “hooray!”

  1. 1 seattlegirl March 31, 2012 at 1:46 am

    Yay for good numbers and a found wallet! Thinking of you Blue and sending sticky vibes your way!!!

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