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yay, dawn!

You know my friend Dawn? The one who recommended the masseuse to me for Firefly? Well, she graduated last weekend with her master’s degree. We’re all very proud of her and think she’s a pretty awesome chick. She had a little party today to celebrate, so after checking in with her wife on some specifics I made her this cake:


Here’s a little close up on the cap:


There was a bit of a fiasco last night that led to me having to completely remake half of it (let’s just say that I should stick with what I know when it comes to greasing pans). Good thing I had extra on hand! Luckily Firefly was able to save me–and the other half–so I didn’t have to remake that one, too, especially since I didn’t have supplies to remake that one.

The cake was one half butter pecan and the other lemon. I don’t have a book cake pan, so last night I baked the halves separately, stacked and hand carved it, then frosted it with buttercream. I covered it with fondant today and scored it around the edges with my small frosting knife to make it look more like pages. I used gold shimmer dust on the pages, and the writing is piped on buttercream that I colored a lighter blue. The graduation cap was a chocolate cupcake turned upside down, iced with buttercream and then covered with fondant. The top of the cap was a fondant/gumpaste blend to add some stiffness (and I am amazed that I was able to match the color with the bottom perfectly), and the tassel was gumpaste that I colored yellow and then brushed with gold shimmer dust–although I made it ahead of time and set it to dry, then put it on in the car when we got there, so as you can see it was a little bit too long. Oh well!

I used up the rest of the blue icing on the cupcakes–that I had baked in gold foil cups–and took the whole batch to the party, too. It was all a big hit.

Congrats, Dawn! You rock!


fun weekend!

Yesterday was Dee’s birthday. She and Pia bought a house this year and it has an above-ground pool, so it was a bit of a pool party. I decided to make a cake to celebrate:


Firefly helped me out. It was her idea to put little wet footprints on the steps–which were made out of gumpaste and were a two-person job to put together, let me just tell you:


Firefly made the green noodle and the red floater for the can of Bud that I made (which was also her idea), and I made a raft and beach ball, all out of fondant:


She even put the little hole in the ends of the noodle. The water was just a thin layer of piping gel that I colored blue:


I got lots of great comments about it!

Today we slept in a bit, then went out to meet some friends’ week-old baby. I had promised the new mom a cake a while ago and hadn’t made good yet, so I thought this would be a great opportunity. New parents can always use something to fill their bellies, right? She wanted fondant with circles, so I gave her that and threw in some hearts to celebrate the occasion:



It was a six-inch cake and super easy, and I got to spend lots of time holding (and photographing) this little beauty:



big fancy finale!

Well, I spent the last few nights making flowers:


Fondant and gunpaste roses.

And baking the cakes and covering them:

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

All in preparation for my big fancy finale cake.

Wanna see it? Do ya? Continue reading ‘big fancy finale!’

getting ready.

I’ve had a busy day. I went to the gym with Bean after work, then headed home to eat a quick dinner with Firefly before she headed out to darts.

As soon as she left I started on cakes. I’ve baked all four layers–two 10-inch and two 6-inch– plus four cupcakes from the extra 6-inch cake batter. It took longer than I would have liked since I only have one pan in each size. It all worked out fine, though, and they’re currently cooling in preparation for icing.

While the cakes were baking I colored my fondant. I would have liked it to be a bit deeper blue than it is, but when you have to color over 2 pounds of fondant by hand you take what you can get and I’m okay with it. While I was at it I also made a pasta broccoli carrot salad for my lunch tomorrow and put in a load of laundry. I’m feeling productive. Go me!

I suppose I should check on things. I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately, so I’d like to try to get to bed at a somewhat decent hour.


Today we had the 20 week appointment that was postponed from last week by the doctor’s office, so I took off work early to pick Firefly up from home and head in to the office.

Only when we got there, it turned out that they had scheduled her for the downtown office. I’m not sure why, since that office is at least twice as far for us and the only appointment we’ve had there was the U/S–and that was only because they don’t do them at the office by our house. The woman who works the desk was very nice and rescheduled us for Thursday even though they didn’t actually have any openings. Ah well. At least I’ll get a head start on the holiday weekend, and get to leave work early for a second time this week.

Since we were thwarted in our plans and were already in the general area we decided to go get Firefly her new work boots, and then we were off for an early dinner and to the grocery for a bit of shopping.

After we put everything away we hung the closet doors in the master bathroom and got them all adjusted. It looks nice and we’re glad to have another thing marked off the list. I’m hoping to get the last coat on the main bathroom door tonight–although I’ve spent the last few hours making roses for my cake on Thursday and I still have quite a few to go. If I can get the door done we could get it up tomorrow or Thursday, and that would get it out of the way and a bit more protected. At the very least we want to get it hung before we head up to her parents’ house sometime on Friday.

Okay. I’m going to get back to my roses so I can try to get to the door. I’ll take a picture of them when I finish. The roses, not the door. Actually, I’ll probably take a picture of that, too, once it’s up.

20 weeks!

I can’t believe it! Today Firefly is 20 weeks pregnant. We are, quite literally, at the halfway mark of this pregnancy. It’s so amazing to be at this point. And a bit scary and overwhelming, truth be told. I can’t wait for this little guy to be here, but I feel like we have so much to do! We do have so much to do!

At least I finished the closet doors. I’ll be putting the first coat on one side of the other door tonight, and the second and third tomorrow. It’ll be nice to get those done. Of course then I have the other side of the door and all of the baseboard and trim to do, and I’m on my own since Firefly isn’t supposed to be doing the staining and polyurethane because of the fumes. Still. One more thing done is one step closer to other, more important things. Like a nursery.

I also might play around with some icing tonight. I have an idea for my cake this week thanks to Firefly, who is my go-to person for ideas because she’s awesome and always gives me great inspiration. So here’s the idea: since I can’t take the cake in to work on Friday with it being a holiday here and all, I’ll be taking it with us when we go to visit Firefly’s family over the weekend to celebrate her cousin’s birthday. So, since his birthday–and therefore the big shindig–are happening on the fourth, why not go all out and decorate it 4th of July-style. A bit cheesy maybe, but fitting. And I think it’ll be fun.

So, here’s the question: I have an idea for the bottom tier involving blue fondant and white stars/fireworks (if I can pull it off), but the top tier I’m a little more up in the air on. I’m going to try to drape a flag, but I’ll need to do something to cover where the flag starts. I was thinking do some yellow roses to cover it–you know, kind of like a yellow ribbon tip of the hat–but Firefly thinks that’s more of a memorial day thing and isn’t sure it would look good, and the back half of the cake still won’t really have anything. If I don’t do that, though, then I’m sort of at a loss. I don’t want to do what I’m doing on the bottom on both layers. So…do I do the yellow roses, or do I keep trying to come up with something else? Or do I say to heck with it, it’s the back and no one is going to be looking there anyway? Or does someone else have a better idea?

Okay, I lied. That’s three questions. I’ll leave you to ponder them while I work on the door.

more cake! and something else…

Well, tonight was my cake class, so it’s time for show and tell, but first…

GUESS WHAT? She felt it! She felt the baby move! How awesome is that! She’s pretty sure anyway. She was watching TV and felt kind of squished up, so she shifted and then she felt this little flip-flop. Eek! She hasn’t felt it again yet, but still. So cool!

And now for the cake stuff…

I don’t think I posted anything from last week’s class, but really it was just learning some string work and ruffles and stuff like that.



And now I remember why I didn’t post pictures last week; I didn’t have any good ones!

This week we made a fondant rose:

rose bud

rose bud

medium rose

medium rose

full rose

full rose

Okay, ignore that little paper cup in the last picture. It’s just there to keep the petals from drooping while it dries. I really liked making the fondant roses, and I think they look a lot more realistic than the buttercream or royal ones.

When we finished with the roses we moved on to the cake. We covered it in fondant, then added a bow and whatever decorations we wanted:



starting the bow

starting the bow

some detail

some detail

the final product

the final product

I think my coworker will be very happy with her birthday cake, what do you think?

I need to figure out what I’m going to do for my final cake in two weeks. It has to be stacked layers–either directly on top of each other or using pillars. Fun! Except that I have no idea what I’m going to do yet…

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