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what the…

We’ve had some crazy things happen here at the homestead. We’ve had all of our remodeling projects going on, which involved lots of permits and supplies and a few contractors, and of course a few mishaps along the way. One of the contractors, a long-time friend of mine from my high school days, is our electrician. Well, you know, we had them out not too long ago working on our wiring–and trust me when I say that our wiring is weird. This house, although we love it, has some crazy features. Like low-voltage wiring and relays on all the lighting switches. Do you know how many houses in this city he knows of that use this wiring? Two. Including ours. And if you don’t know where I am, just trust me when I say it’s a big city, and he’s been at this a long time.

Well, as they’ve been working on things we’ve been converting from the old low-voltage relay switches to normal, run-of-the-mill wiring. Really what this means is that the back half of the house is now on regular stuff and the front half is on these low-voltage relays. So Sunday night I turned on the front entry lights outside for Firefly when she left for work. I puttered about for a while and left them on. When it was time for me to go to bed, I went around the front half of the house trying to turn things off…but nothing worked. If it was on, it was on. If it was off, it was staying that way. I tried everything I could think of, then said to heck with it, sent Firefly a text and went to bed.

When she got home on Monday morning it still wasn’t working, so I gave the electrician a call. He came out today to take a look, and ended up staying here for three hours trying to trace and fix the problem. It’s fixed now, and the good news is that we won’t have to pay anything because it was their fault. It seems the last time they were here they didn’t take some of the old wiring out, they just left it in the crawl space–which was fine because the wires weren’t live or anything…until one of them gradually dropped and ended up touching another wire and grounding it, causing a short in the system. Crazy!


we’re done!

We had the final inspection today and passed! So now as far as the city is concerned we’re done with the bathrooms! Okay, so we still need to do some little things like putting up the shower curtain rod and the towel bars, and painting the inside of the shower doorway, and some trim around the shelf in the guest bath…but we’re pretty much done. Hooray!

Poor Firefly, though, had to stay up to wait for the inspector until after noon, then only got to sleep for about an hour and a half until I came home to pick her up, and off we went to the OB.

The monkey’s heartbeat still sounds good and he’s moving a lot, although Firefly’s belly is measuring a little small. The OB isn’t worried about it, though, especially since we were just at the high-risk OB last week and got to see him and he was measuring just fine. He still had his head up last week, and we’re thinking he’s actually moved sideways at this point going by where she’s feeling movements and where we can feel him, so that’s probably why the measurement is a little under. We go back in two weeks so we’ll see if everything is back on track, and after that we’ll be going weekly until he arrives.

We went and got haircuts after the appointment, then headed to the grocery for what was supposed to be a quick trip and ended up…well, not. We came home, put the groceries away, I put in some laundry, Firefly called off of work, and we’ve been chilling out watching hockey. It’s been a good evening.

lots happening

Ok, you talked me into it. I’m posting the picture of Bean, but it’s password protected. It’s different than any of the others, so you’ll need to contact me to see it.

We had an eventful day today. We had people in working on the basement, so I took the whole day off. The first jackhammer they tried to use wasn’t powerful enough to get through our tough floor, and the second one they tried broke. They had to go out and get this huge air compressor one that was a big truck and sat in front of our house. Man that thing was loud! But it worked, finally. They’ll be back tomorrow, and I hope the delay doesn’t mean it won’t be finished this week.

Firefly took tonight off so she could be here tomorrow and awake while they work, and with all the racket today she wouldn’t have been able to really sleep. She did get to rest a little, especially earlier while they were having issues, but not enough to have worked. Then Badger came over while we went to the OB appointment since we didn’t want to leave them alone in the house.

The appointment went well. Firefly is still measuring where she should be, and the doc said the monkey’s heartbeat sounded great. She also informed us that Firefly is heterogeneous for Factor V Leiden–and although normally we’re both quite content to be homos, in this case we’re happy she’s hetero. It means her risk of getting a blood clot is only 4-8 times greater than someone who is completely negative, rather than 80 times more likely. We suspected that was the case with the appointment to see the high-risk OB being almost two weeks after the initial diagnosis, but it was good to hear. She said she doesn’t think it’s likely that Firefly will have to go on blood thinners, although that might happen for a few months after delivery to make sure she doesn’t develop a clot related to that, but she wants to wait and see what the other OB has to say next Tuesday.

Oh, and she also said that we’ll likely have another ultrasound and be able to see our little monkey again, because, well, “it’s what they do.” She said she’d be surprised if they didn’t. After that we have two more biweekly appointments with her and then we go to once a week.

lots happening on the home front.

Firefly had an OB appointment this afternoon, so I took off half the day to go with her (and with the week I’ve been having I needed it). Everything is still looking great, although they did do a blood draw. Remember how her brother was in the hospital because of a clot? Turns out they know what caused it, and it’s genetic. The OB wanted to test just to make sure–although even if it comes back positive it’s probably not anything that needs treatment, it would just be something to be aware of and watch.

We spent the rest of the day clearing some things in the nursery and running a couple of errands, and then I put in a load of laundry for her because it’s getting too awkward for her to carry her baskets around. We finally crashed on the couch with some chicken and shrimp stir fry and some recorded TV for a bit before she had to head to work.

She thinks she may be feeling the first pangs of Braxton Hicks, which is interesting. She’s also having some pain around her ribs on the right side only. We’re not sure if he’s pushing his little feet into her ribs or if it’s something else, but that along with the combination of her very swollen feet and ankles and getting swallowed by whatever piece of furniture she sits on are making her rather uncomfortable as of late. I know she’s looking forward to a few nights off, but we’ve got so much on our plate right now it’s crazy.

A friend of ours is having a garage sale on Saturday so we’re joining in. We have so much stuff to get packed into the car and get over there, and we still have to tag everything. Hopefully we can actually sell most of it and get it out of here. We’ve also go the electrician in tomorrow all day, so she probably won’t be able to get much rest when she gets home from work. I would love love love to be able to paint the nursery Sunday, but I just don’t see it happening.

We’re also getting full tilt into the baby stuff. We’ve got a baby care class next Tuesday, followed by an all day childbirth class next weekend and three–yes, three–showers coming up in about a month.

So…yeah. That’s a lot!

what an up and down day.

I was feeling really sick this morning, and after trying to eat lunch but only being able to stomach two slices of cantaloupe I headed home. I tried to lie in bed with Firefly and rest, but ended up in the bathroom. I actually felt a little better after that and was able to sleep for a few hours. We made a pizza (which is one of my comfort foods, and she had even got mushrooms at the store for me even though she hates them), and I was able to eat that. I dozed some more on her shoulder while she watched a show on mummies, and then Bennder stopped by.

She volunteers every summer for a week-long camp for kids who are affected by AIDS–some are positive, some have family members who are–and was borrowing some things from Firefly to show them. While she was here we decided to take advantage of it and she helped us move the futon from the future nursery into my office. I still need to do some rearranging in here, but the only things left in the nursery that need to come out are some tools that we need to take to the basement, a box of things for a yard sale at a friend’s house in a few weeks, and everything that’s still in the closet that we haven’t moved into our nice new one yet.

We really wanted to get our bedroom ready for painting by this weekend, but I’m thinking it’ll be more like the end of the weekend before we’re ready. We’re also hoping to finalize the paint color for the nursery and maybe, just maybe, actually start registering for things other than the bedding set we like and a few other small random items. Especially since Firefly’ best friend, who is organizing a shower in her hometown with Firefly’s mom, called today to ask some questions about things. Oops. At least it’s not until October, right?

sundays are not for resting at this house.

It is terribly hot and humid here today. We were out and about quite a bit running errands and grabbing lunch. While we were at it we decided to get some frozen custard. It was so good, especially with the weather. It hasn’t abated yet, either; Firefly hadn’t been at work for half an hour when she sent me a text saying that it’s miserable there.

We got a lot accomplished, though, besides just lunch. We filled up my gas tank, dropped off a bunch of recycling, got a replacement battery for her watch, and got paint chips for the bedroom.

We got quite a bit done indoors, as well. We looked through the paint chips with our furniture and some artwork that we’ll be hanging in there and decided on colors (or rather which shades of a particular color). We’ve also been using the future nursery as a bit of a staging area for all the work we’ve been doing in the bathrooms, but now that we’re pretty much finished we got a good start on getting things cleared out of there as well. There were three sets of those plastic shelves in there with tools and all kinds of other things on them, and they have now all been cleared and moved to the basement. Well, the shelves have; there are still a few boxes of things that need to get moved out, but still, it was a good start. I also finished sealing all of the tile in the bathroom.

Yesterday was a bit crazy, though. We went to Firefly’s brother’s house for her niece’s birthday party. It’s always a really uncomfortable time that makes me grumpy and tense before we even go. It’s the first time she’s seen or talked to him since January–and also the first time she met her youngest niece, who was born just after that interaction. Firefly was invited to the party through email. I wasn’t, of course; it’s an intentional slight that happens with any family function they hold. He still doesn’t know she’s pregnant, even after yesterday. They didn’t even notice–which I’m sure of because she was offered wine by her sister-in-law, which would not have happened if they had. We didn’t feel that was the appropriate time or place to tell them, and they’ve made it pretty clear that they don’t consider me part of the family, don’t approve of anything we do, and don’t want to be involved in our lives any more than they absolutely have to–which frankly is fine with me–which does not foster a desire in us to make sure that they’re aware of the goings-on in our lives. He’s already declared that he is not an uncle to any child of mine, and I am not an aunt to his children. Since any children that we have, as far as we are concerned, are ours regardless of who carries them it makes us much less inclined to make sure that he’s in the know, as bad as that might be. He’s already disowned them.

trimming up.

I didn’t end up making it to the gym or mowing the back yard yesterday because I got held up an hour at work and then went to darts with Firefly, but I did get to both of them today.

I’m trying to decide if I should still go to the gym tomorrow like I was originally planning, or if I should push it back to Saturday to give myself a little bit of a break. I’m not sure I’d actually motivate myself to go if I pushed it back, though, and we have a busy day planned so I’d have plenty of excuses not to trek over there. Tomorrow we’re going to meet up at a friend’s house and mess with some stuff on her computer and then we’re going to dinner, but I should be able to leave work early to make up for the hour I worked over yesterday. Plus I did 20 minutes on the bike and then my arms today and tomorrow would be long cardio on the treadmill and my abs. It’s not like I’d be overworking anything in particular, and it is on my way home from work. See what I do to myself? Decisions, decisions.

I would like to say that riding mowers are so much more fun that the electric push mower we had when I was a kid. Of course, my yard when I was a kid was a decent size, but definitely not large enough for a riding mower. I remember at one point we had one of those hand-powered, push-it-and-hope-it-doesn’t-jam-up ones. Not so good. Firefly’s always been the lawn mowing person at our house. She enjoys it–or she did until recently what with the pregnant belly and all the bouncing–and I wasn’t going to argue about it. I think I’d only ever mowed the front, so you can imagine what my reaction was when I discovered what happens when you drive over apine cone that’s hidden in the grass while mowing the back this afternoon. Woo! Those things make a hell of a noise and go shooting out the side. Exciting!

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