I was friends with her sister and she played on my sister’s softball team. I had a crush on her from the first moment I saw her, but we were both dating other people at the time and I put it out of my head. Although I had known of her for a few years, and although she says she remembers noticing me on at least one occasion, we didn’t officially meet until July of 2005.

I went out to the bar with my sister on a Sunday night and whom should we happen to see? Yup. And we were pretty much the only people there. So we talked, flirted, went for a really early breakfast, and went our separate ways. The next day my sister called to tell me that they were going to play Frisbee golf, and I should come home so I could go with them. I was stuck at the theatre getting ready for an annual festival, so I thought I was going to miss out on the fun.

When I finally pulled up in front of my house later that night I looked up at my sister’s porch, which was two houses down from mine, to see the two of them walking out of the front door. Turns out she had gotten a flat tire on the way there, so she had only recently arrived herself and the plans had changed to putt-putt. I was meeting up with some friends, but after agreeing that I would put it off to go along if they would come with me later, off we went. I was house sitting, so afterward we went back there and sat up talking until four in the morning–and she had to be at work two hours later!

The next afternoon she called me, and we talked for four hours and made plans to see Shakespeare in the park that Thursday. We did the same thing the next night. Well, the talking part; the plans had already been made. Thursday we met up at the park to see the play, went back to the house, and she didn’t leave until 5:30 the next evening when she ran home to throw her stuff in her truck and leave for a weekend camping trip.

She called me before she even made it back into town that Sunday and said: “I really want to see you.” And that was pretty much it.


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