today sucked. but not really.

I have had a not-so-good day. That argument I had with Firefly over nothing this afternoon really wasn’t fun. And the reality of a friend’s terminal cancer really hit me today. We also went disc golfing, which was fun until I fell–twice–and hurt my wrist, and then got attacked by a thorny something that led to a bleeding nose. After which I announced that some ice cream was in order.

Then again, parts of it were good. Like when we went out for a really tasty breakfast and I had an egg, bacon, and avocado quesadilla, and had plenty left for my dinner tonight. Or getting my vehicle unloaded from yesterday. And taking a bunch of cardboard to recycling. Also, we picked up the new recliner we got that Firefly has been wanting for…well, for as long as I can remember. Oh, and that we got all the outlets in our bedroom switched out for safety outlets and the fact that, other than the trim on the bathroom doorway, our bedroom is now done. And I did some more playing with my new lens. I also did a bunch on our registries while Firefly was napping before work tonight.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that bad. Now that I think about it, the good parts really did outweigh the bad.


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